Natural Ways to Fight Sleeplessness

We have all had it, nights where as much as you toss and turn you just can not sleep! You lay there unable to get properly comfortable getting more and more frustrated at yourself for being unable to get to sleep. There are many ways to improve your chances of getting a good night sleep, and without dangerous prescription medications.

Research has suggested that people get a much better night sleep if they go to bed at a decent time. It is thought that if you go to bed before 10pm each night, your chances of falling into a deeper more peaceful night sleep are much higher.
However this is not always the best case for you, if you are still wide awake and stimulated at 10pm (say for instance you have just gotten in from work or from some other activity) then you are much better waiting until you have properly wound down .

If you are not tired then you will not ever get a decent night sleep, as a general rule if you are not asleep within 30 minutes then you should get up, read a book or something relaxing for 10 minutes and then try again. The more you lie there making an effort to fall asleep, the harder you will find it to doze off.

The way you go about you day to day life can have a big effect on your sleeping patterns particularly what you have eaten. Having a big dinner late at night can make it harder for you to sleep, it is suggest you have a large breakfast, medium lunch and smaller dinner will help you to get a much better night sleep.

Meditation is also highly recommended for sleep problems. Mediating for around 15 minutes before you to bed can help. This is because it helps your body and mind relax fully so that you can fall into a deeper sleep more easily

Try not to try too much in the evening. Of course we all know that the more you drink the more you will need to visit the toilet. The middle of the night is no exception to this. Of course the more you wake up in the night for the toilet, the more disturbed your sleep will be and the higher chance you have of not being able to fall back asleep.

A lot of people who suffer with insomnia find that the more they worry about the lack of sleep the harder they find it to drop off. Many find that calm music played at a low volume in the bedroom can help keep their mind occupied enough that they do not think about lack of sleep.

Regular exercise as we all know is good for us in so many ways. Helping with good sleeping patterns is one of the benefits. The more exercise we do, the more our bodies will be tired and therefore the more sleep our body will need, and the easier you will find it to drift off into a nice peaceful, undisturbed sleep.