Natural Treatment of Pharyngitis – Acute Or Chronic

The natural treatment of pharyngitis, whether acute or chronic hinges on how healthy your immune system is.

Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx, resulting in a sore throat. Acute pharyngitis will run its course of a few days or a week. Chronic pharyngitis is the repeated inflammation of your pharynx and, although comes regularly, is often less severe than the acute form.

Other symptoms may accompany this, such as a lot of mucous production, swelling, pain and a mild fever.

Normally the treatment of pharyngitis consists of antibiotics. But there are always alternative ways to achieve anything. And the great news about the natural treatment of anything is that it only works by boosting your immune system.

A far cry from the immune suppressant effect of antibiotics.

The homeopathic medicine Mercurius is a common medicine in good home prescribing kits. It is often indicated in any throat, or gland swelling issues. But you need more than one strong keynote of the medicine matching your symptoms, for a positive outcome.

Other symptoms of Mercurius include:

  • a metallic taste in your mouth
  • in intolerance of extreme temperatures or weather
  • a worsening of symptoms at night
  • a slight swelling of your tongue indicated by the teeth marks around the edges
  • an excess of saliva which may be slimy
  • a slight tremour of your hands.
  • the frequent use of antibiotics for repeated infections of your throat, gums or ears

Mercurius can be used for any animal with pharyngitis, not just for humans. As long as at least three strong keynotes match the medicine to the patient's symptoms, great things should result.