Natural Treatment Of Angular Cheilitis


Even though there is little doubt that dog walkers, winter skiers and outdoor types can suffer badly from conditions affecting the skin, even if you are outside for just a short time period, it’s easy to end up with sore, cracked, chapped lips and red skin on the edge of them. If you are wondering which types of natural treatment of angular cheilitis to use, one of several different alternatives is to make sure that you drink enough.

Throughout the cold months of winter, we often feel less dehydrated. Furthermore, we lose water simply by breathing in and out as the cold air we absorb is humidified before we inhale it out-think of the way it “steams”! As a result, drinking more will help but you must ensure that the water reaches the skin too. One treatment for cure sore lips is to find a product which helps to draw the drinking water we sip from the deeper tissues towards the skin but which will furthermore assist to lock it in there and prevent it evaporating into the air.

Test products and solutions that contain lanolin and petroleum jelly as both will offer a good water tight seal. You certainly don’t have to spend lots of money on costly lip treatments as you possibly can purchase these products in their “raw” form from the drugstore and you typically get a jumbo container for not much cost. Try gently exfoliating the lips utilizing a neat washcloth into that you apply a little petroleum jelly or lanolin and then cover the spot generously. Furthermore make sure that you moisturize the skin surrounding the lip area too.

In case you find that the skin around your lip area has cracked and doesn’t appear to be getting better right after days, it is possible that you have to take further action to heal sore lips naturally. Very often, a fungal or bacterial infection known as angular cheilitis might take hold on the area surrounding the lip area and then is extremely hard to remove. This is not just common in individuals who are outside a lot, but is common in people who lick their lips continuously, drool from the sides of their lip area and bite or suck pencils. Moreover, it can be quite normal in all those who have badly fitting dentures. A nutritional deficit (specially zinc, iron and vitamin supplements of the B group) can also make it more likely that you will get angular cheilitis.

The discomfort triggered by having these small cracks on the corner of the lip area should not be underestimated. Even basic, everyday activities such as eating, drinking and even speaking can be very painful.

The key here when learning how to use natural treatment of angular cheilitis is to apply a treatment method which will reduce either moisture or air geting to the spot. Both bacterial and fungal infection rely on the presence of both oxygen and moisture to survive so if you could avoid the two of these from reaching the affected area, you will see that the skin heals quickly.