Natural Treatment for Thrush – Remedies That Can Be Easily Made

Treatment for thrush must be chosen carefully; after all, this is a condition that often affects infants and we all know that babies are sensitive when it comes to taking medications. Women who have babies should take note of such natural remedies to avoid potential side effects on their children.

Home cures for thrush can be easily prepared and are relatively safe since most of them are made from herbal and natural ingredients. If any member of the family is suffering from oral Candidiasis or thrush, here are some treatment options that can be easily made at home.


Eating a cup of unsweetened yogurt everyday will help prevent thrush from developing. This is not only good for curing thrush but is also effective in other types of Candidiasis, particularly vaginal yeast infection. Women with vaginal Candida infection can either eat it or use a tampon dipped in yogurt and insert it in the vagina.


Ginger juice mixed with hot water can sooth tongue soreness and is also effective in getting rid of oral thrush. For infants, a mild solution should be made using warm water since ginger can be hot on the mouth. If the patient cannot take an almost-pure ginger drink, mix a thumb-size, crushed ginger with tea and make it an afternoon or evening refreshment.

Calendula or marigold

Crushed calendula mixed with tea can also cure thrush. A purer remedy can be made by using a dropper and dripping the solution on the tongue and areas of the mouth where the white curd-like substance – a common symptom of oral Candidiasis – is found.

Baking soda

A single teaspoon of baking soda diluted on water is also a highly recommended home cure for oral yeast infection. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and swab the tongue and the insides of the mouth to treat thrush. For women who breastfeed, the remedy should also be used to swab the breasts, particularly the nipples and the areas around the areola to make sure that the infection will not be transmitted to the baby.


For adults suffering from thrush or yeast infection in other parts of the body, dabbing a vinegar-soaked cotton ball on the affected areas will greatly help alleviate the burning sensation and itchiness. If it will be used on a baby, mixed it with a small amount of water to lessen the sour taste and to make it easier for the baby to take it.

Home treatment for thrush is relatively safe and most options are highly effective. If you don’t like taking chances with over the counter remedies, particularly for your baby, using a natural cure is a good alternative.