Natural Treatment for Sprain

Many a time you woke up and feel a hurt in the area of your neck, the reason behind this may be sprain in your lower back area of neck and this can be caused by bad sleeping posture. This can also be happen while lifting any heavy weight. Neck sprain is called irritation in muscles, tendons and ligaments in upper back and also in neck area. It is an irritation in the tissues of neck.

Now that you understand some of the anatomy involved at the ankle joint, you are ready to learn about the different types of ankle sprain, how they are graded and how they are caused. Once you have a good foundation of the anatomy and the injury we can begin to discuss how to go about minimizing the chances of sustaining this common injury.


1.    Your approach must include a plan, implementation, review of findings and follow-up. For example, if using the job observation program as a reinforcement strategy, first develop a checklist to ensure consistent evaluation of body mechanics. Then determine who will perform the inspections, establish a set frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly) and train them how to perform the observations.

2.    Ice is critical to reducing swelling and using an ice whirlpool definitely has advantages over just ice in a bucket because heat is taken away from the ankle so much faster.

3.    If you have a Grade 2 sprain, your doctor may recommend that you wear an ankle brace until the sprain heals and use crutches for a short time.

4.    As with any injury, recovery time will depend on the seriousness of the sprain. Regardless of the severity, you can speed up the healing process by staying off your ankle and resting it as much as possible. No matter what the grade of injury, unless it is splinted or casted, your doctor will probably tell you to apply ice packs to relieve swelling and pain.

5.    Ankle strengthening is an essential part of recovering from an ankle sprain. The key is to make sure you don’t go too fast. Again, pain is an indicator that you may be doing too much too soon. Elastic band exercises are a good way to work on improving ankle strength. Other exercises like calf raises, lunges, and step ups will also work to strengthen your ankle muscles.

6.    To get rid of neck pain, you can use some simple exercises at home, which may provide relief in pain from neck. You can practice an exercise, which includes moving of shoulders, and turn your head side from left to right, as this may help in providing relax from the pain. You can make a bandage with the black coffee on the neck sprain.

7.    Shoes may increase or decrease your risk for ankle sprains. Some researchers theorize that certain types, such as high-top basketball shoes, may increase proprioceptive feedback from the ankle joint[12]. There is also some evidence that shoes offer some resistance to the excessive range of motion in the ankle[13].