Natural Treatment For Measles

Few children escape having measles in childhood. Adults sometimes have them. Measles are caused by unhygienic living and are a contagious disease. Measles are merely the system's attempt to cleanse itself of impurities and purify the blood.

The symptoms may include loss of appetite, complaint of feeling cold. In a day or two the nose runs, sneezing, the sick one has a slight cough, and about the fourth day starts breaking out. The breaking out, which is color red usually begins on the forehead, then all over the face, chest, and back. Fever increases with eruption but when it begins to scale the fever decreases. Mothers should guard their sick child against earache, sore eyes, and bronchial tubes.

Giving natural treatment for measles should be followed for effective recovery. Give the patient a warm catnip enema. Put him to bed, and immediately give him a tea made as follows:

>> One teaspoonful of pleurisy root
>> One-fourth teaspoon ginger steep in a pint of boiling water; you may sweeten the tea a little for children using honey or malt sugar.
>> For a nervous person add a teaspoon of lady's-slipper or catnip to the above.
>> Two tablespoonfuls of the tea should be given every hour, more or less according to age. Catnip or peppermint tea used separate is excellent.
>> Drink plenty of water and give hot foot bath.

The patient must be kept in a room of even temperature, but with good ventilation. Keep the room dark so that the eyes will not become irritated.

In the event the patient's eye become sore, make a solution of one-fourth teaspoon golden seal, steeped in a pint of boiling water (soft or distilled), for thirty minutes, then add enough boric acid to make a saturate solution. Strain through a cloth and bathe the eyes, two or three times a day or more often. The same diet as is for fevers is excellent after the fever has broken.

A simple nourishing diet is essential, such as soybean milk with wheat flakes and whole wheat crackers. If cow's milk is used, in the absence of soybean milk, boil a little oatmeal in it, or use half cow's milk and half oatmeal and barley water. Very ripe bananas with soybean milk and whole wheat toast are good. Potassium broth is nourishing in terraating measles at home as well as being tasty and cleansing. Ripe fruits of all kinds may be beneficial.

You can give these herbs; catnip, peppermint, chamomile, vervain, yarrow, or lady's-slipper. Steep a teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water, covered. Give one-fourth cup every two hours.