Natural TMJ Relief Alternatives Anyone Can Try to Cure Their TMJ Pain and Avoid Surgery

Millions of people suffer from TMJ pain and it really is no surprise that a large number of people are constantly looking for remedies or medication for TMJ relief. Do you find yourself suffering from TMJ discomfort and pain? The root cause of TMJ for many sufferers is the displacement of the joint’s cartilage disc. This causes the nerves to be stretched and placed under pressure which causes the discomfort or pain. If you aren’t sure if you suffer from TMJ or not, here are some common signs.

How can you be sure if the pain you feel or symptoms you have are caused by TMJ? Does your mouth open all the way? Do you ever experience your jaw locking up for no apparent reason? Do you hear popping or clicking noises when you talk or eat? Do you have ear pain or experience pain in your jaw muscles and cheeks? If so then there is a good chance you suffer from TMJ. There is no reason to be alarmed because there are several ways you can treat the problem.

The best thing you can do for TMJ relief is to relax your jaw as much as possible. This means avoid doing anything which would cause your jaw to work harder than it should. Avoid hard foods as much as possible and instead opt for soft food that doesn’t require as much work while chewing. This also means avoid gum or any kind of habit that involves unnecessary chewing. These are just a few tips that anyone who suffers from TMJ should try before they seek medical treatment.

There are some people that believe the pain you feel in your jaw is only a symptom and this means that you should not focus on your jaw to solve the problem. They believe that jaw exercises actually make the problem worse and increase the pain. This doesn’t mean exercise offers not benefit, but that they should not be done on your jaw. Instead they promote a correct body alignment and that the pain you feel is a result of tight muscles in other areas of your body that pull on your jaw and shoulder causing the pain. Correct sleeping positions, posture tips and even yoga are offered as possible ways sufferers can put an end to the problem by relieving overall body and jaw tension.

If your TMJ persists you will need to seek medical advice. There are a wide range of drugs that can be used such as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs, and there is also the option of surgery. Always seek out alternative methods first before opting to go with surgery as you may find that you can relieve your TMJ naturally without the need for surgery.