Natural Stem Cell Replacement and Therapy – The Undebatable Alternative


There has been so much debate over embryonic stem cell research over the past years. Claimants claim this can lead to solutions for various health challenges such as Alzheimer's disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, bone deformities, cardiac tissue repair, Parkinson's, and a whole lot more. Adult stem cells (ASCs) are currently being used for a major of these clinical tests and experiments and there has been remarkable success in some stem-cell therapies. A part of these experiments however, involves the use of ASCs found in non-adult tissue such as umbilical cords, placentas and amniotic fluid.

Opponents of human embryonic stem cell research believe it is wrong to disturb human embryo, much more risk its destruction for any reason. There are other areas where this type of research can be transported out without the need to involve human embryos.

Stems cells have the remarkable potential of developing into different types of cells all through the body. It can serve as a repair system as they are able to theoretically divide without limit and replenish those that die off as long as the person or the animal is alive. As these cells divide, each new cell produced has the potential to either remain as it is, or evolve to a new type of cell with a more specialized function. So stem cells can develop to become new muscle or brain cells, or red blood cells.

To date, there has been no evident proof that embryonic stem cells have actually worked – in fact tests using them in laboratory animals have rejected to tumors.

Dr. H. Reg McDaniel, MD, an anatomical and clinical pathologist based in Texas, has been conducting studies on natural stem cell therapy as an alternative to embryonic therapy and research. He was part of the team that conducted the first government-monitored studies in humans using glyconutrients to improve overall health conditions through nutritional support of normal human biochemistry under gene control. The American Naturopathic Medical Association recognized this work with their annual "Discovery of the Year Award" in 1996.

Since then, Dr. Reg has been documenting evidence that stem cells can be increased in the human body with glyconutrients. According to him, the body has the capacity to do its own natural cell therapy when it received the required amount of glyconutrients, and the numerous free floating cells in the body are assigned to do "therapy" where the body needs it most. This action is ACTIVATED and enabled to do the work by glyconutrients.

From his clinical tests, Dr. Reg observed that after a week of glyconutrient supplementation, the stem cell count in the human body increases from 1 to 500. This means the body is able to produce about 1 trillion of this cell type per week!

A trillion is a thousand billions, so one can just imagine a whole army of new cells ready to get into action where they are needed. Imagine old muscle tissue, ready to wear out, being replaced by healthy new muscle cells to boost up your whole system! And 1 trillion new cells just cost about $ 50 to $ 100 in glyconutrient supplementation. That's against a 200-stem cell injection from questionable sources costing $ 250,000!

Nature's way is always best. The body is an amazing system and it has amazing functions. Natural stem cell therapy is just one of these. True, medical research and technology has brought amazing discoveries and benefits, but there are limits to what we can do. In the end, nature always rules.