Natural Remedy for Herpes

There are millions of sufferers across the globe, of the herpes simplex viruses HS1 & HS2, who would dearly love to learn of an effective treatment, or better yet, cure for these distressing conditions.

The most common strain of the herpes virus, HS1, is herpes labialis, which gives rise to what is better known as a cold sore. This is very easily transmitted by kissing, or by direct oral contact with the bodily fluid of an infected person.

This is the variant of the virus that I shall be dealing with here, giving the best advice that I have gleaned from my research on several websites and forums, dealing with this unpleasant complaint.

I will try to inform readers of the most effective treatments known to avoid, delay, or even clear the sores. They are usually easily available to everyone.

Unfortunately, an actual cure for herpes has not yet been found, and once infected, the virus remains in the body for life. Recurrences may occur from time to time, although as we get older, they may become less frequent.

However, there are certain safeguards and treatments that we can all use, although each treatment will have different effects on different people.

We are all unique beings after all, and what works for one, will not work for another.

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There is much speculation, as to why cold sores appear but, various studies have highlighted the most common scenarios:

1. For instance, when our immune system is deficient because of an infection, this condition can act as a trigger for the virus to become active. Upper respiratory tract infections can cause outbreaks and especially the more serious illness, pneumonia.

To guard against this situation arising, we should all make sure that we are eating a nourishing diet, and to make sure that this is the case, a daily multi-vitamin supplement would be advisable.

Vitamins A, B, C and E are all necessary to keep our bodies in the best of health, to avoid immune system deficiencies. Therefore, we should all try to make sure that these vitamins are included in our diets, the supplements ingredients, or separately.

2. Too much sun can cause cold sores to occur, so, although we may enjoy going out in the sun, we should make sure that we are well-protected and do not over do the sessions.

3. Stress and anxiety has been known to cause cold sores to erupt, so we should

try to relax as much as possible.

I know that this is difficult to achieve but it will be of benefit, if we try to stay more at ease.

4. Lack of sleep

We should all try to get a good night's rest as this will help us to be more in control, with less stress in difficult situations.

Of course, all our bodily functions will improve with optimal sleep levels

5. Using other sufferers' utensils

We should never use other people's eating and drinking implements, unless we wash them beforehand. These include cups, glasses, crockery, cutlery etc. This is one of the most common way of acquiring the virus.

Other identified triggers can include surgery, injury to the face, radiotherapy and over-exposure to the wind, sunlight and ultra-violet light.

So, how can we help?

As far as simple remedies that may work when a sore has erupted, the following are normally readily available in most homes:

A damp tea-bag may be applied to the sore for 5 mins. every hour.

An ice-pack can also be applied to the sore for 5 mins. every hour.

Cold milk may be dabbed on to the sore at regular intervals.

Toothpaste, with sodium bicarbonate can also be dabbed on regularly.

Common table salt may be pressed on to the sore.

Apple Cider Vinegar may be dabbed on.

Vick's Vapour Rub works for some people, when dabbed on to the sore.

Witch Hazel may also be dabbed onto it.

Many of these items will be readily available in most kitchens but, if you go to most Health Food Stores, you will find a host of recommended remedies for this complaint.

These include:

Teas of Echinacea, peppermint, hawthorn, orange peel, rose-hips & camomile.

Herbal sage, violet, uvaursi, astragalus, honey, oregano oil, olive oil, garlic, licorice, tea tree oil, lemon balm extract and coconut oil.


The essential amino acid Lysine, is lacking in sufferers who get many outbreaks. Therefore, if we are prone to get cold sores, it is advisable to make Lysine a big part of our daily diet.

In this way, we can even prevent outbreaks occurring at all.

Foods that have a high content of Lysine are:








Wheat germ

Conversely, the amino acid Arginine is thought to be responsible for activating the Herpes virus. Therefore, it will be wise for sufferers to try to limit intake of this substance.

Some of the foods that contain Arginine are as follows:





Chocolate (Sorry!)







So to close, I will suggest that the easiest remedy that you can use at home to halt the progression of cold sores, is the good old common tea bag.

Tea has an antiviral tannic acid that helps to suppress the virus.

Tea tree oil has also been used very successfully in this way.

And remember that at no cost (if you have a freezer), an ordinary ice-cube will slow down the development of the sore and prevent it from spreading.

Finally, may I say that I sincerely hope that some, or all of these simple remedies work for you but, if not, you can get various anti-viral products at the chemist, without prescription. I will tell you about these in later articles …