Natural Remedies To Combat Panic Attacks In Children

A panic attack is a sudden intense fear, hesitation, malaise, dread or terror, worry, and numerous other negative signs such as shortness of breath, etc. The physical symptoms that accompany such an attack include, jitters, sweating, insomnia, a cranked up heart beat, chest pains, nausea, and/ or diarrhea. This happens due to the stimulation of the adrenal hormone by the adrenal glands. This secreted adrenaline gets your body in a pumped up state, which is usually good yet sometimes causes worry. A frequent occurrence of such attacks could get difficult to manage. At a more chronic level and over exposure to these acute panic attacks can lead to anxiety attacks.

Alternate panic attack remedies for children:

o Kava: Making use of natural herbs such as Kava works perfectly well as a treatment alternative to those compared to the chemically oriented drugs. Kava is well known for its calming effects and holds truly healing properties. It is recommended to start on the consumption of Kava on catching the first symptom an attack.

o Valerian Root: Traditionally, Valerian has been prescribed as a natural sedative to help relax the central nervous system in moderate doses. It has been clinically proven to promote relaxation and emotional balance.

o Passion Flower: The flower holds medicinal compounds often used to relax the nervous system. A healthy and positive power of the passion flower helps tackle, nervousness, anxiety, a depressed state of mind, restlessness, etc.

o Rhodiola Rosea/ Arctic Root: The Arctic Root plant has been reported to have adaptogenic properties. An adaptogen is an agent that is known to naturally increase the body’s resistance to physical/ emotional stress. A good antidote to a panic attack.

o Winter Cherry Monograph: The strengthening part of this plant is its root. The root of this small shrub is recognized for its medicinal qualities of naturally increasing the body’s resistance. It is also known to be a healthy option to develop one’s immunity.

The above stated remedies are also applicable for adults coping with panic attacks/ anxiety. Yet, it is always appropriate to resort to natural remedies for children tackling these disorders. Besides the use of these Alternate Natural Remedies, it is essential for the parents to include, breathing regimes, meditation, a change in atmosphere, ensuring adequate sleep, bringing about a significant change in diet, seeking herbal medical advice, etc. The child must be well- taken care of and must feel secured around the members he/ she spends most of their time with.