Natural Remedies to Combat Acid Reflux

Below is a comprehensive list in no particular order of Natural Remedies that you can use to ease heartburn and stop the regular attack of acid reflux.
These remedies pose a potentially alternate route for the treatment of reflux, so think twice next time you go to grab the medication.

1. Drink milk – This is a sensitive topic, many say it works however others say dairy worsens heartburn. Usually it does a good job of giving some instant relief

2. Drink more water – The water will dilute the acid in your stomach and help wash the food down, this can be one way to help reduce symptoms

3. Chew a few – almonds Chewing a few almonds before eating your meal and leaving for work has been praised as being highly effective. It is unknown what almonds do to give this effect.

4. Herbal teas – Chamomile or fennel tea have been known to help the effects of acid reflux. Although tea is not considered good for those with GERD's many herbal tea's have claimed to help.

5. Eat an apple – Eating an apple after meals has been known to work wonders. In fact some types of apples are known to help even the worst of patients, be sure to try different types.

6. Eat Candied ginger – Chew a piece if you feel the acid growing, this has been done for years but its still unsure if it works.

7. Apple cider vinegar – Swallow two to three table spoons of apple cider vinegar to prevent acid reflux, this has been praised by many who suffer and is up there on the home remedy list.

8. Papaya – Available in the form of papaya enzyme pills, this enzyme can help with acid reflux symptoms in some people.

9. Aloe Juice – Aloe juice is very popular and seems to work in reducing acid output

10. Chew lots of gum – This releases saliva which is basic and helps to neutralize your stomach acid.

11. Drink some Pickle Juice – Believe it or not this is considered to be one of the best ways to relieve heartburn

12. Liquorice Root Extract – has been known to work wonders

13. Baking soda – mix a bit with water and sip it down, it should neutralize the acid in a tick

14. Mustard – It has been known to help but is not as mainstream as the other formulas listed above, but anything is worth a try!