Natural Remedies for Treatment of Fibroid Tumors in Uterus

Fibroid tumors in uterus, also known as myoma, are the one of the most common reasons for women in 30s or 40s to be advised to have a hysterectomy. This is a surgical procedure for removal of the womb. Fibroids are basically non cancerous lumps of the muscular wall of the uterus. It is made up of smooth muscle and connective tissue. Normally fibroid growth occurs in groups. Initially these tumors are small in size but it can grow upto the size of a grapefruit.

What triggers growth of fibroids?

One of the most common causes of fibroid growth is excess estrogen in the body. Many women in their mid thirties experience non-ovulating menstrual cycles as they approach the decision before the menopause. This essentially means that their body is producing less progesterone than normal and possibly more estrogen. As a result there is water retention in the body, breast enlargement and weight gain. Some women suffer from depression and lose of sex drive. All these happen because of one single factor- dominance of estrogen.

If you go in for conventional treatment your doctor would advise you to undergo hysterectomy to get rid of this problem. However if you are not prepared for a surgery or removal of your womb, you can consider remedies to shrink fibroids naturally. Research has indicated that by balancing the hormones naturally, fibroids growth can be arrested. It is also possible to shrink the size of existing fibroid tumor in uterus with the help of natural cures.

For restoring the hormonal balance herbal remedies are very useful. Another important factor is your diet. A poor diet elevates estrogen levels in the body and anticipates the body from breaking down and eliminating excess estrogen.

The liver is the main organ responsible for breaking down hormones. In case the liver is overworked it will not be in a position to function effectively. To ensure that you do not overload the liver avoid saturated fats found in meats and dairy products, alcohol and excess sugar.

It is also necessary to include food containing phytoestrogens, a natural source of weak estrogen in your diet. This will help protect the body from the effects of excess estrogen. Whole grains, including brown rice, buckwheat, oats and millet, foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as fish help to shrink fibroids naturally.

Other effective ways of slowing down the growth of fibroid tumors in uterus is by exercising regularly, reducing stress levels and reducing your body weight. These simple cures will help to shrink fibroids naturally and safely.