Natural Remedies For Treating Fibroid Tumors (Leiomyomas Or Myomas)

The fibroid tumors which are also known as leiomyomas or myomas, affects almost half of the population of women above the age of 40 years. Another study conducted revealed that they are prominent in approximately 50% of black women and 25% of white women in their reproductive stage and till the menopause. These are usually uncomfortable but generally don’t provoke the need of surgery. These can be treated well with the natural methods or remedies which are safer when compared to other methods and are without the risk of side effects.

Doctors dealing in natural medicine and the Naturopaths usually suggest the herbs which will aim at regulating the periods, balancing the hormones and reducing the inflammation to help reduce the fibroid tumors. Some of these herbs which works best for the stated purpose are as mentioned below –

1. Motherwort is the drug prescribed in order to relax the uterine muscles and for balancing the hormones along with preventing the cramps of the disease.

2. Goldenseal is effective in reducing the inflammation of uterine muscles and helps keeping the uterine tissues in health state.

3. Liquorice root is used in order to reduce the bloating sensation and help the liver detoxification process.

4. Chasteberry helps to reduce the excess estrogen and balances the hormones. It also reduces the PMS symptoms and inflammation.

5. Dong Quai is also helpful in protecting the liver and in reducing the inflammation.

6. Siberian ginseng is helpful in preventing the heavy bleeding which usually takes place in the disease.

7. Red clover has the ability to help liver getting rid of excess estrogen.

8. Echancia herb is useful in controlling the benign tumors and reducing the inflammation.

9. Red raspberry is effective in controlling the excess bleeding and in re-establishing the lost minerals and vitamin levels.

10. Black cohosh is the herb useful in relieving the menstrual pain and is beneficial in problems linked with menopause. It also protects the liver and is an anti-inflammatory drug.

11. In addition to these other herbs including Dandelion, Milk Thistle, and Yellow Dock Root are beneficial in metabolizing the estrogen and reducing the risks associated with excess of hormone.

One can use these herbs in alone or in combination to make tea of the same. Prepare the tea by putting a small handful of herbs to the boiling water pot. Heat for sometimes and drink the same thrice a day. This process is basically used to get an extract out of the drug or herb and the same is used to heal the disease by drinking. One may even get these herbs in the tincture or powder form. This remedy is effective in reducing the fibroid tumors in a period of two months.

Apart from the above mentioned drugs for the natural treatment of fibroid tumors, exercise also plays an important role in the reduction of the same below an acceptable level. Exercise helps to reduce the toxins and balance the hormone levels in the body. One should give enough care to the diet as this is important to maintain a good health. Diet should include all the components of a balanced meal. The fibroid tumors can also be effectively reduced by placing the warm castor oil packs on the stomach.