Natural Remedies For Thrush

One of the largest known Natural remedies for Thrush that occurs in the vagina or on the penal is applying yogurt. The yogurt must be sugar and additive free but if you apply it to the infected area for 7-14 days it may help clear up your infection. Any cream or pill you get will take that long to start clearing up Your Thrush symptoms anyway. For breastfeeding feeding mothers Grapefruit extract can be a great way to help clear up the infection too. Put 10 drops of liquid Grapefruit extract with one ounce of water, shake it up then apply it to the mother's nipple (s) and the inside of the baby's mouth with a swab. You should continue to do this every hour. You can also use the liquid extract on a yeast diaper rash as well just by rubbing the solution on the infection area. A lot of severe infections will not respond to this treatment though but it does work for mild ones.

Natural remedies for Thrush

Coconut oil can also be a great way to clear up your Thrush symptoms. This treatment can be used for vaginal, penile and oral thrush in babies. Swabbing the baby's mouth and mother nipple with it, and applying the oil to the infected areas on the penis and vagina for a week or two may help clear up all of your symptoms and infection. You can get pure coconut oil or even indulge in bath soaks that have coconut oil in them. This is definitely the most enjoyable way to clear up Thrush.

Tea Tree Oil is another commonly known remedy for Thrush and is said to be one of the most effective ones. This should only be used for oral Thrush or for a diaper rash. This is one of the safest natural remedies for thrush too and it is even used in tooth pastes, toothpicks, vitamins and mouth rinses. Oil of oregano has been reported by a lot of breastfeeding feeding moms on line to work for them by rubbing it on their breasts and swabbing it inside of their infant's mouth.

A lot of reports online and through rumors have said that breast milk can be a great way to clear up Candida infections and Thrush symptoms but that unfortunately is not true. In fact sometimes it can make a Thrush infection even worse because of its yeast ingredient.

If none of the natural remedies for thrush work to clear up your infection you have to go ahead and buy the creams or get a prescription by your dentist or doctor. A lot of them are very safe to use and have no side effects. Plus, these treatments have the potential to clear up your infection with a couple of weeks while most natural remedies can take much longer than that. If you still are not sure why not invest in finding out the best kept secrets on the natural remedies for Thrush infections? Thrush 911 is just what you are looking for.