Natural Remedies for Stress Relief

I feel tired even without doing any work!

Even I don’t do any physical or strenuous work even then I feel extremely tired and low energy.

I have lost enthusiasm in doing any work and fell like sleeping every moment.

My legs shake when I walk

I don’t like eating anything

I don’t like working

General body weakness is felt all the time

All the time I am irritated without any reason

Feel darkness in front of my eyes.

I am having vertigo every moment and my heads spin round and round.

What has happened to me? Asked my patient

These are some of the very common complaints I come across in my clinic in routine. With such patients I deal by following ayurvedic line of treatment. In ayurveda this kind of symptoms are called ” kalm ” meaning getting fatigued without doing any work. This condition occurs in body when our digestive system fails to digest food properly thereby initiating production of a toxin known as ama.

Ama formation occurs when there is lack of proper digestion in body and body is unable to assimilate any of the digested material that is very essential for energy production in body. This toxin hence effecting body also pollutes the little bit part of food that has been assimilated. This situation can also arise when jatharagni (can be compared to digestive juices) decreases, which results in lowering of digestive power of our digestive system and if in this state we keep on ingesting food, will lead to formation of ama (toxin). This condition also arises when the vata, pitta and kapha dosha gets imbalanced leading to total disturbance in body.

In simple terminology we can say that ama formation occurs due to indigestion (ajeern as called in ayurveda).

Common symptoms of indigestion are heaviness in body, distension of abdomen, and loss of appetite, coated tongue, headache, mental and physical weakness, constipation, and flatulence, nausea, vertigo and hyperacidity.

Ayurveda visualize kalm as only symptoms not as a disease. Main line of treatment is that to detoxify the ama production that will help in recovering normal digestion hence will be able to digest the ama.

Advised life style during the kalm stage

· Avoid in take of heavy and greasy stuff

· Avoid alcohol

· Avoid sweets and chocolates

· Avoid non vegetarian food stuff

· Take only light and easily digestible food

· Morning and evening walk should be added in routine

· Drink plenty of water especially luke warm water

· Avoid cold stuff like ice creams, cold drinks etc.

Herbal supplements that will helps in relieving with kalm

Triphala: A famous ayurvedic formulation is highly recommended in abdominal disorders. An herbal combination of three most esteemed herb of ayurveda Amla, haritaki and baheda. These three herbs constitute a milestone in ayurvedic treatment. Triphala possess the properties that are helpful in secretion of digestive enzymes during digestion of food. More over triphala helps in maintaing proper peristaltic movement in our gastrointestinal tract, essential for proper digestion. Triphala being a tridosha normalizer helps in normalizing the aggravated doshas in the body that also may be the cause of indigestion in body. It also helps you in finding new energies and regain old strength, as it is a rasayan as mentioned in ayurvedic texts. Triphala also helps in fighting against the constipation that is also a symptom of indigestion. Know more about Triphala and Benefits

G Zyme capsule and syrup: a wonderful ayurvedic health supplement that is known for its effectiveness in indigestion and related problems. Created with the excellent research done by ayurvedic physicians and scholars, with great efficacy due to presence of herbs like triphala, ginger, ajwain, jeera, hing, sajjikshar, long pepper, black pepper, piper longum, and mentha and white leadwort in G-Zyme capsule. G-Zyme syrup contains herbs that are indicated in indigestion like sunthi (dried ginger), chitrak, papita bheej, mustak, ajwain, vidang, and pudina. Due to these drug helps in deepan and paachan, thus detoxifies ama that has been produced in body. G-Zyme formulation helps in proper digestion and also helps in increasing digestive juices secretions and hence helps in maintaing normal digestion. Know more about Indigestion, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, Gastritis

Lasuna: commonly known, as garlic is another effective herb that finds its indication in indigestion. It helps in digestion of food by stimulating digestive glands important for digestion of food. It helps in getting away with flatulence problem by normalizing the digestion and detoxifying ama that has been formed in body. Besides these it helps in regularizing cholesterol level in blood.

I advice that all the herbal supplements mentioned above should be taken with Luke warm water for best results

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