Natural Remedies For Phlegm

Common illnesses like flu, cold, sore throat can lead to serious illnesses and diseases if not treated with care. Of course one could always visit the doctor or eat medicine. Recently, I was not sleeping very well and soon, fell sick. This time round, I was determined not to see doctor and allow it to heal naturally. And I did it.

Phlegm Symptoms

In my case, it started off as an uncomfortable at the throat. Whenever I tried to swallow anything, it would felt that there is something stuck in my throat. In the past, it will usually turn into phlegm after a few days and this time round it really did. Although it is not as bad as sore throat, one still needs to take care of the body or it will turn into something worse in the future.

After 1 or 2 days, green phlegm began to formulate especially when I woke up early in the morning. I started to sneeze and before I knew it, I was down with flu. In fact, if you face the same symptoms as me, it usually means that you have eaten too ‘hearty’ food such as chocolates, fried food, potato chips etc. And after eating so much ‘hearty’ food, you also had cold water or very sweet stuff.

You will feel your throat and your nose full of germs and you maybe feeling giddy, sleepy, or even having a fever.

Foods to avoid

If you face the symptoms as what I went through, these are the foods that you should avoid in order to alleviate the illness.

* sweet foods – like cakes, white sugar, honey,

* phlegm inducing fruits – bananas, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelon (does not seem to help)

* ‘hearty’ food – fried stuff, grilled foods, oily, greasy foods

* soft drinks

* cold food or drinks

* chickens, eggs, ducks, pork

* spicy foods

* dairy products

* excessive refined wheat products (usually contained a lot of sugar)

* peanuts