Natural Remedies For Painful Sore Throat

Sore throat is a very common illness that happens to some of us on a regular basis. It causes one to feel very uncomfortable and sometimes you may not be able to sleep well.

Unfortunately for me, sore throat haunts me ever since I was young. Whenever I ate foods like chocolates, potato chips, fried foods, I would be down with sore throat. My peers around me would comment that I have a weak immune system. It took me a while for me to understand how I can prevent myself from infected with sore throat easily.

Why are you infected with Sore Throat?

In the western medical world, the doctors would deduce that sore throat could either be caused by viral or bacterial infection.

However, in the traditional Chinese medical world, the reason why we are infected with sore throat is because there is too much ‘heat’ in our body. They refer to this as being ‘heaty’. Being ‘heaty’ would also lead to other common illnesses such as fever, cough and phlegm.

The Symptoms

Basically, the most usual sore throat I am infected with are the one when you try to swallow food or saliva, you would feel painful at the throat.

There are a few natural remedies which are quite useful in relieving sore throat. Below are some of the foods that you should avoid when you feel that you are down with sore throat.

* Fried food, greasy food

* Chocolates, biscuits

* Chicken, eggs, ducks.

* Very spicy food

* Barbecued food

* Overcooked food

All these foods will add to the pain of sore throat and you should avoid eating these foods until you are better unless you want your condition to worsen.

Natural Remedies for sore throat

Here are some of the natural remedies for sore throat which I have personally used and have proved effective.

When I feel like I am going to suffer from sore throat, I would usually eat a lot of bananas. But do take note that if you feel that you are having phlegm like symptoms, do not eat bananas.

Banana and plums – These fruits are good to protect your throat against sore throat.