Natural Remedies For Diabetics

When you first get that diagnosis of type II diabetes, it does not really mean much unless you have a friend or family member who is suffering from the disease. At least it did not to me.

Sure I had the signs:

– excessive thirst
– constant trips to the bathroom
– no energy
– blurry vision
– wounds that treated way too slowly

A nurse / friend saw me downing over a liter of water with each meal, and asked if she could test my blood sugar. Over 300. She thought the meter could be off, so she tested herself – 102.

It was not the meter – it was me. Once blood tests and a medical exam confirmed the diagnosis, action had to be taken.

Just because there are close to 20 million Americans suffering from diabetes does not make it a club you want to join. When you start to Google the effects of diabetes, the seriousnessness becomes irrelevant:

– higher risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks
– shorter lifespan and poor quality of life
– poor circulation in the extremities, especially the feet
– risk of amputations, especially toes or feet
– loss of vision up to and including blindness

Doctors will give you medicines to help control your glucose levels. Take them. I'm not one of those people who believe the doctors are conspiring with pharmaceutical giants to keep you hooked on prescription drugs.

But I also do not believe it is up to the doctor alone to make you better. Like obesity, type II diabetes is very self-inflated.

Most Americans would be better off eating less and exercising more. This holds even truer for diabetics.

Work with your doctor by:

1. increasing your protein intake

2. cutting out processed sugar and flour and pasta

3. drink water instead of soft drinks

4. eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to avoid blood sugar spikes

5. take vitamin and mineral supplements

6. by all means, exercise daily – a 30-60 minute walk will work wonders

These are just common sense steps you can take in addition to any treatments prescribed by your physician. If your diabetes is stubborn, you can go deeper and learn which specific herbs and other natural remedies can reverse your condition.

I am not convinced diabetes can be "cured". But to reverse your condition, to learn which vitamins and herbs may form your best defense against the disease, and to know what foods will help you control diabetes naturally, I recommend starting with Julia Hanf's program on "How to Play the Diabetes Game and Win "with 3 bonus manuals dealing with dietary supplements, medication, and prevention.