Natural Remedies For Candida – Essential Oils

Essential oils are excellent natural remedies for Candida.

These oils are the essence, in liquid form, of plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. For pure, effective essential oils, a great deal of the original source must be used to generate a very small amount of oil. For instance, 6,000 pounds of the Melissa plant produce one pound of Melissa oil, and 5,000 pounds of rose petals produce only one pound of rose oil. This means that the oils are very expensive. However, only a few drops are needed for a therapeutic effect. It is important to note that if essential oils are diluted to reduce the expense, then they are not as effective.

Studies of essential oils show that these oils may help create an environment in which fungus, harmful bacteria, virus, and disease can not live. This is good news for the yeast infection sufferer. Essential oils contain oxygenating molecules, which transport the nutrients to the cells of the body. Without oxygen, nutrients can not be assimilated, leaving the body nutritionally depleted. They have been shown to increase oxygen by 21% in the human body. Essential oils also balance the pH of the body and maintain proper acid / alkaline balance.

New natural remedies for Candida research work being done by Bruce Tianio is startling. Tianio identified the electrical frequency of essential oils and how different oils affect the body and its defense system. A frequency monitor meter (his invention) rates the electrical frequencies of natural and man-made substances. He believes all disease comes from an altered body frequency. 24 Tianio further says that applying these oils to various reflex points on the feet and elsewhere on the body assists in returning a normal frequency rate to various organs.

Dr. Gary Young discusses further the electrical impulses in relation to the body's health. He states that the normal electrical frequency for the human body is 66 hertz. 25 Illness is evidenced by a lower body frequency reading, ending at 25 hertz when death overtakes. When the frequency reading drops to 55 hertz, disease begins. The onset of Candida is even earlier, when the frequency reading drops to 57 hertz. Additional disease sets in when the frequency measures 58-60 hertz. The good news is that essential oils have frequencies ranging from 50 to 320 hertz. Applying these oils can beneficially raise frequencies within three seconds.

Not surprisingly, the known toxic substances of caffeine and nicotine lower electrical frequencies, allowing disease to commence. In the yeast infection sufferer, disease is already present, thus the consumption of caffeine beverages and the inhalation of cigarette smoke causes further degeneration. One research assistant who never drank coffee saw his electrical frequency drop from 66 to 58 hertz simply by holding a cup of coffee. When he took one sip, it slipped to 52 hertz. The same nonsmoker assistant held a cigarette and saw his frequency drop to 55 hertz. One puff plummeted his reading to 48 hertz. In taking no redemptive measures, it took three days for his frequency to return to 66 hertz. Conversely, in similar scenarios of reduced electrical frequency followed by the application of essential oils, his frequency returned to normal in three seconds.

High-frequency essential oils such as the oils of cinnamon, cloves, tea tree, rosewood, and rose will all help to combat this illness. Rose, with a frequency of 210 hertz, is especially helpful as natural remedies for Candida.