Natural Remedies For Bronchitis

Natural remedies for bronchitis can be used to relieve symptoms related to the disease. These are wheezing, an expectorant cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pains. The wheezing and shortness of breath is as a result of mucous building up in the airways to the lungs and thus blocking the passage.

Remedies can be taken to deal with this problem. Since bronchitis is as a result of inflammation of the airways by pathogens, measures should be taken to get rid of them. These are viruses and bacteria. Viruses that cause the condition are: syncytial, rhino virus, influenza and adenoviridae viruses. The bronchitis infections caused by these viruses usually disappear on their own after a few days.

Natural remedies for bronchitis should be taken after a diagnosis by a doctor. This is the only way you can confirm that you are suffering from bronchitis. The diagnosis involves tests done to the sputum and blood. They reveal the pathogens causing the infection.

Most people take natural remedies for bronchitis as an alternative for bronchitis medication. Most people take self medication without consulting a doctor. This is highly discouraged as this can lead to health problems. Bronchitis if not treated can progress to pneumonia or asthma. If you are taking the natural remedies for bronchitis and the expectorant cough persists for more than a month, you should seek medical attention. This cough may be as a result of other conditions apart from bronchitis. You should also ensure that your immune system is at its peak.