Natural Lumbago Treatment With Homeopathy and Diet

Quality natural lumbago treatment always focusses on the initial cause (if known), any maintaining causes (that may prevent natural healing) as well as the fastest, most gentle and most effective resolution.

Lumbago is a loose label for any lower back pain in either the soft tissue (muscles, tendons) or joints. The initial cause could be from an injury such as from an accident, from over lifting, from lifting the wrong way or from a twisting motion of your back, especially when lifting or carrying something heavy or awkward at the same time.

It can also come about from a lack of support of your spinal tendons. This may allow discs to keep slipping out of position.

It can also come about from bone, and so disc, degeneration, either from wear of cartilage or from bone density deterioration.

Homeopathic treatment works by bringing your immune system up to the point that it can do the job it was created to do – heal you and prevent disease occurring. This can require too specialized knowledge for many people, as the right medicines for your symptoms must be made, as well as the right order of these medicines.

So consulting with a professional homeopath would be the safest and easiest way. However, there are many home prescribing medicines which can also help.

Rhus tox is almost a specific for effective natural lumbago treatment as most lumbago sufferers have the same symptoms. These are typically:

  • lower back pain which improves with heat (hot packs, hot showers)
  • stiffness when sitting or starting to move
  • an improvement with pressure (massage, leaning against something hard, a hard mattress, etc)
  • an improvement with continued motion
  • cervical (neck) pain which improves by stretching and bending your head forward
  • cause can be injury, but not necessarily

If these symptoms match yours, you may find that Rhus tox can give you temporary relief at worse, or permanent at best.

However, it is also worth remembering that animal protein requires calcium to digest. Humans, in our wisdom, remove the naturally occurring bones from meat before ingesting it. So your body looks for other sources of calcium to digest the meat. Bones are a pretty good source of calcium.

Refined sugar also requires calcium to digest. So if your diet is high in animal protein and / or refined sugar, it's illegally that you'll have a high bone density count.

Cutting them out from your diet completely for about a month, will allow your natural calcium levels to recover. Then limiting these foods will ensure it remains at a healthy level.