Natural Home Remedies for Discharge of Phlegm, Pus from the Ear and Night Blindness

Discharge of phlegm

Phlegm troubles those who eat refined flour, milled rice, lentils and milk. Vegetables and fruit can reduce the amount of phlegm produced in the body. If the food is not properly digested or assimilated by the body, phlegm is abnormally high. Exercise and increasing of the vegetables contents of the food would meet this condition.

An expedient which can give quick results is this drinking of warm water (about a litre) with a tablespoonful of salt added to it. Drink it after you have gone to the toilet and then vomit in out. Most of the phlegm would be expelled.

Discharge of pus from the ear

A father writes: my eight-year-old son suffers from discharge of pus from his ear. No drugs have succeeded in giving him any relief.

Foods, which raise the amount of phlegm in the body, e.g., mild rice, sugar and lentils, should be avoided. You son should take whole meal bread, vegetables and fruits. He should be encouraged to take part in sports and games and should take regular exercise. Fresh air is of vital importance as is sun bathing. Ask the child to sit in the sun so that sunlight penetrates the inner part of his ear for fifteen minutes. This process will help in stopping the discharge of pus.

Night blindness

A father writes: My five-year-old son suffers from night blindness. He is unable to see after sunset and no course of treatment has so far been of any help.

Night blindness is a deficiency disease; if the elements needed are found in the diet night blindness will go. Natural salts and vitamins needed to make up the deficiency which causes night blindness are found in whole meal bread, unmilled rice, fresh vegetables and ask him to eat at least 250 grammes of carrots each day. Carrot is a vegetable, which contains vitamins, which make up the deficiency.

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