Natural & Herbal Treatments For Rubella or Measles

Rubella, or measles is highly-contagious viral infection that is very common in children. The infection causes a fever and rash, and its incubation period generally is between 9 and 11 days.

The initial symptoms of this infection is frequently feeling tired, irritability, fever, runny eyes, aversion to light as well as cold-like symptoms. The usual manifestations of this infection are, a bright red rash which breaks out on the forehead and face and then on the neck and leading down to the feet. The rash usually lasts about three days in each area. This infection is very common during the spring and the winter.

A Very Contagious Infection

Measles is considered as a highly contagious condition,, which spreads via airborne droplets from the nose and from saliva. The infection's incubation period usually takes from fifteen days to three weeks. Rubella is diagnosed from three symptoms: fever, a light rash appearing mainly on the face and neck, then on the rest of the body, and swellings behind the ears and near the nape. The duration and of the illness is generally benign and lasts about a week, which often goes unnoticed.

Although this may be a common illness, generally it does not have serious repercussions except when it happens at the start of pregnancy, where it can cause an abortion or some serious mental deficiency or malformation in the fetus. Women who have not had the disease in their childhood are advised to get vaccinated before they get pregnant.

Herbal Ingredients For Alleviating Measles

– Neem Leaves

These herbs, when placed in the room of an infected person, will act as an antiseptic and also freshens up the air as well. They also aid in preventing the spread of infection.

– Echinacea

This herb is effective for enhancing the immune system and preventing infections. .

– Garlic Oil

Individuals may apply garlic oil to the affected area to prevent the infection from developing.

– Eleutherococcus and Ginseng

These herbs are effective as general tonics for adults, and improve strength and resistance to infections.

– Saffron and Snake Root

Saffron and Snake Root are herbs which help speeding up the healing process. Patients may drink saffron and snake root tea daily.

– Eucalyptus, naiouli, thyme linalol can be given to children. These herbs have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-infection abilities.

Those suffering from measles are also advised to consume food rich in copper. Copper is a mineral that is prevalent in foods like seaweed, almonds, avocado, cocoa, cereals (whole wheat and rice). mushrooms, shellfish, oysters, crustaceans, calf and sheep liver, dried fruit, nuts, fish roe, plums and tea.

You also need to give patients plenty of liquids, in as much as he or she can tolerate, preferably juices, because drinking lots of fluids is important, especially with children.

With high fever and sweating, kids tend to get dehydrated more easily, as they vomit frequently. Ensure that the child stays indoors, and preferably in bed, since getting lots of rest is essential. In addition, by staying in bed and not going out, the child will be able to prevent other persons who are not immunized, from catching this infection, as this is a highly contagious one. – Prime Herbal