Natural Heartburn Cure – Acid-Alkaline Balance Is Important For A Heartburn Cure

It makes good sense to think naturally when looking for a heartburn cure. Most heartburn is caused by food, usually too much food. Since most food these days is too acidic, it can add to the misery of gastric reflux, very painful without proper treatment.

Of course the stomach produces acid as a natural means of breaking down food into small, digestible particles, this means fuel and vitamins and minerals. There is very little emphasis on the roll minerals play in diet and health, leaving most heartburn sufferers missing an important piece of information. But it is minerals that are essential in neutralizing troublesome acids. These minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium) are the foundation of a digestive balance.

The essential acid used in food digestion and the excessive levels of acid found in food put a strain on the body’s resources. Over time, as resources are depleted, the symptoms of heartburn become a more serious sign of the body’s condition. The human body is a very adaptable creature but over time you will begin to notice changes. Of course heartburn is an immediate reaction to acid problems. Over time other symptoms may develop. Things like painful knees, tooth decay, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

How to fix the problem

The natural way to remedy this problem is to take heartburn symptoms seriously and begin a sensible cure by making a few changes. Your most powerful tool is knowledge. The reoccurring presence of advertising, convenience and hungry taste buds offer strong temptations. The way to rewire the brain is to clarify the problem and the solution to a heartburn cure.

The best way to build a heartburn cure diet that has adequate alkaloids is to search out those that can be the base for a daily diet. A little planning can be very helpful.

On the preventative side it would be useful to list foods that are causing heartburn, they should be eliminated or reduced or neutralized with a ready natural remedy. These are acidic foods that have little nutritional value. The second step should be a weekly menu plan that is tilted more for alkaline foods and less towards meat.

Here are ideas that can be useful for reaching a daily balance:

  • Plant foods, especially dark colored.
  • One-A-Vitamin supplement.
  • Total fortified cereals.
  • Slim-Fast drinks.
  • Cloudy fruit juices.
  • Calcium antacid dissolved in a liter bottle of non-tap water.

Heartburn can be a challenge to overcome in today’s environment. The temptations of convenience can make it to hard maintain alkaline balance day after day. Putting on paper the causes and the action steps to reach your goal will be very helpful. A natural cure for heartburn is a good investment in a healthy future.