Natural Healing Therapy – Polarity Therapy

Importance of healing therapies is increasing day by day. Various detox therapies are practiced today to stay healthy and fit. Even the health care therapies from all over the world are adopted by people. Use of those therapies is increasing. But, there are some therapies which use multi-treatments to achieve detoxification.

Polarity therapy is a blend of three major healing or detox therapies from ancient east naturopathies. Those are yoga, acupuncture, and osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. The therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone in 1940s.

An energy form drives life in all living beings, is the belief of polarity therapists. It was advocated by Ancient Indian ayurveda. The force is called as “Prana” by ayurveda and “chi” or “gi” in China. Western similar phrase could be defined as spirit or soul. That form of energy flows in the body which helps keeping good health and sound mind.

When this flow of energy is disturbed or imbalanced because of defective lifestyle, we face ailments. Defective lifestyle includes tensions, stress, incomplete sleeping hours, wrong diet habits, lack of exercise, overloaded schedule etc. Polarity therapy treats body, mind and soul at the same time regenerates the strength of the energy.

Neutral, positive and negative are the three relationships control your issues in day to day life. These relationships are maintained by five centers in the body. Those centers hold the charge of separate organic functions and health. This concept is adopted by ancient Indian concept of panchamahabhuta. Those are ether, earth, fire, water and air. They are responsible for controlling following organic functions:

Ether: ears and throat.

Earth: rectum and bladder

Fire: stomach and bowels.

Water: pelvis and glands.

Air: circulation and breathing.

Balance between all these points is important as that keeps the body fit. Polarity therapy’s helps to keep a balance between all these centers. As the therapy treats body, mind and soul at the same time, treatments like diet control, stretching exercises, massage, and meditation are prescribed by polarity therapists.

Human body has three energy fields:

1) Long line currents that run north to south on the body;

2) Transverse currents that run east-west in the body;

3) Spiral currents that start at the navel and expand outward.

Acupressure techniques and massage therapies are used to treat the problems which occur due to defects in those currents.

Diet: green vegetables, fruits, medicinal herbs are used in the diet. Lemon juice, olive oil, fruit, garlic and ginger juice etc. are used to detoxify the body. The span and quantity is decided according to the level of cleansing required. Cleansing is a primary step of purification. There is another diet to promote and increase health, after cleansing.



Yoga is used to exert the body. Specially to detox the breathing system.There are some exercises to purify the body and soul. Stretching exercises are also used in this therapy.

Concept of polarity also implies two forces, which are opposite in the nature, can be balanced with the help of third subtle third neutral factor. Those two opposite natures are rajas and tamas. Those can be controlled by satvic nature a neutral factor between both. Meditation is used to keep proper balance between them.

Thus, polarity therapy helps cure your body, mind and soul. So, choose a healthy lifestyle.