Natural Diuretics for Edema

There are many natural diuretics for those who suffer from edema, a condition also known as water retention caused from an excess build up of fluid in various parts of the body like the ankles, feet, fingers and legs. Edema usually occurs as a result of high blood pressure and is sometimes an indication of more serious health problems. In addition to drinking more water, reducing sodium intake and consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, one can turn to other natural diuretics for edema such as ginger, fennel and dandelion tea.

Ginger makes green tea more effective in reducing swapping in the feet and legs. It also tends to work rather quickly. Not only does ginger have diuretic properties, but it also protects the liver and has benefits when treating hemorrhoids and other ailments such as arthritis and indigestion. Ginger may also be used in many forms like fresh, paste and powdered for other foods such as baked goods, marinades and stir fries and still have many of the diuretic benefits that make it effective.

Fennel is most often used to season food and has carminative properties. Like all natural diuretics, it helps rid the body of excess fluids in various forms including the commonly found form, seeds. Fennel may also be found in natural diet pills, extracts, herbs and powders. As herbs, it may be used fresh or dried for later use. In either case, fennel is seen as a natural alternative to treating edema, especially for pregnant women.

Dandelion tea is one of the most well known natural diuretics. This tea is usually made from the roots of dandelions, although it is also made from the leaves and flower. Many prefer it because there are generally no serious side effects to this substance unless one has an allergy to dandelions or is taking diabetic or other diuretic medication. Additionally, it is usually gentle on the stomach, rich in many nutrients including minerals and vitamins and widely available.