Natural Cures For Nail Fungus – Get Rid of Toenail Fungus the Natural Way

Nail fungus is an infection that occurs under one or more nails on your fingers or toes, although it is mainly seen under toenails, due to humidity caused by trainers or showers. If not cured straight away the fungus begins to move deeper under you nails causing them to harden, discolor and finally developing crumbling edges around your nails that can be very painful.

Apart from medication prescribed by doctors, there are many natural cures for nail fungus that can be done from the comfort of your own home using many types of natural materials and oils. These remedies have been proven to work as well as the prescribed medication.

Many house hold materials work to be able to cure nail fungus, I had a friend that used to clean his infected toe with Listerine three times a day for two weeks using a q-tip, at the end of the three weeks his nail was nearly 100% cured. Tea tree oil is another good home remedy, by simply cleaning your infected nail a couple of times a day with cotton soaked in tea tree oil, your nail will cure.

Another cure that works but takes a little while to take effect is Vicks vapor rub, just apply to your nail and all of the surrounding skin every night before you sleep and it will start to cure your nail. Cleaning your nail with vinegar is a very old remedy for nail fungus, used for many years and proven to take away any infection under your nail, using vinegar also helps to prevent nail fungus from coming back.

If you suffer from a nail fungus either on your fingers or toes and you want to find a homemade remedy instead of spending a lot of money on prescribed medications, find a health store near your home or look on the internet and you will be sure to find very effective remedies that are 100% natural and a lot cheaper!