Natural Cures For Hypertension – Why Natural Remedies Are More Effective Than Medication

Did you know that natural cures for hypertension are one of the most effective cures for normalizing high blood pressure? Unfortunately, most people just take medication to lower their score. Though you might find your score lower, you are only hiding a serious problem that could eventually kill you.

Though the cause of hypertension could range from an array of problems, most people can contribute their problem to their diet or lifestyle. Some can contribute the problem to genetics. Whatever the case, millions of people suffer from the ‘silent killer’ and doctors are finding out that medication is not the only treatment.

Why You Should Consider Natural Remedies Too

I am not an advocate of going ‘cold turkey’ on your meds. In fact, many of my natural health customers are still weaning themselves off of their medication and allowing hypertension natural remedies to be their only treatment. Many of these people have chosen natural health because of a doctor’s recommendation or the miserable side effects associated with the medication.

Whatever the case, natural health is usually the best treatment for this common disease. Synthetic medications work because they synthetically slow the heart rate or ease the pressure of the arteries. Though, your score has dropped; your arteries are still restricted and won’t achieve healthy blood pressure.

Natural remedies work by treating the problem inside the arteries. Most people find ways to lower their score with their diet. Some people find that they are missing 3 essential minerals. Most people find that specific vitamins can lower their score by nine points. And even some people find that breathing exercises work.

Whatever the case, natural cures for hypertension can be the key to healthy living.

Simple Natural Cures for Hypertension

The measure of blood pressure while the heart is beating is known as systolic pressure, while the pressure when the heart is at rest is called diastolic pressure. Your goal should be to get your systolic pressure below 120 and your diastolic below 80.

Many of our customers have made their goal naturally with simple remedies that work to treat the causes. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to natural health!

1. Here are the tips that your doctor will recommend. You should lose weight if you are overweight, quit smoking, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, eat foods low in cholesterol, eat foods low in salt, and cut back on alcohol. I realize you probably have already heard those facts but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself.

2. The healthiest diet is a high fiber diet that contains whole grains, fruits, vegetables and leans meats. Fiber is critical for flushing the body of toxins, cholesterol, and plaque build up. You will notice taking more trips to the bathroom but just remember that foods which are in and out are the best foods!

3. Research has found that most people who suffer from high blood pressure are deficient in 3 key minerals. Magnesium, potassium and calcium are critical for normalized blood pressure. You can supplement it or find the right foods.

4. You might be ‘weirded out’ by this next tip but try it once and you could reduce your pressure by 9 points in 20 minutes. It is recommended to de-stress by sitting in a quiet and peaceful place and just closing your eyes. Practice slow and deep breathes. If you are a spiritual person, this is a great spiritual discipline. (Deep breathes increase oxygen levels in the blood which lowers blood pressure.)

5. Try apple cider vinegar! Chances have it that you know one elderly person who swears on apple cider vinegar. Research shows that this type of vinegar is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body to regulate body functions. Take 8 ounces of water and 2 tablespoons of apples cider vinegar and mix. You can add honey for better taste.

Still Want More…

This is a great start for you treatment but it is only a few tips for a complete treatment. If you are serious about becoming the healthy person you want to be and normalizing your blood pressure in the process, please visit our Natural Cures for Hypertension Website. Our researched report has help thousands of sufferers and guarantees the results you want!