Natural Cures For Breast Cysts, Causes, Symptoms And Remedies


Usually breasts changes are very common. Throughout the life, starting from the girls begins to develop breasts and starts menstruating, women experiences various changes and pain in the breasts. Some changes are very normal like during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and also with the aging. There occur other changes, breasts lumps and tenderness. It is not necessary that most of the changes and the breasts lumps are cancerous only.

Some of the causes of the breast lumps and pain are – premenstrual syndrome, fluctuations in the normal hormone, due to pregnancy, due to breast feeding, estrogen therapy, menopause, fibrocystic breast disease, injury in the breast, shingles, due to infection in the breast, breast cancer and also due to some medications.

Breasts lump may also result into breasts cysts. These cysts are filled with fluid. Especially before period breast cysts can be tender also.

It is not necessary that all the breasts lumps can be cancerous but it is alarming. Women may experience this pain as dull, heavy, sore, aching and it can radiate to your arm pit. There may be nipple discharge and the color of the skin also changes. Some other symptoms of the breasts cysts are body ache, chills and fever, breast engorgement, fatigue, swelling and tenderness.

Some of the remedies to reduce or remove the breast cysts which are harmful are as follow:

1. Intake of vitamin A reduces the breast pain. It helps the breast duct to function properly. You must take vitamin A up to a dosage of 15,000 IV daily But if you are pregnant than don’t exceed this dose beyond 10,000 IV.

2. Intake of isoflavones protects the tissue of the breast in the formation of the tumors. Usually these compounds are found in soy-based foods and tofu. It must be taken daily about 20-40 milligrams.

3. Due to antioxidants ability of Vitamin E, it has the quality of skin boosting. It protects the breast tissue and also helps in keeping the balance in the hormone. With the therapy of Vitamin E, the tenderness of breast and cysts are usually improved. It has been advised to take 800 to 1200 IV of d-alpha tocopherol daily.

4. Try to drink alcohol, coffee, food and beverages containing caffeine like tea and coffee. Also try to cut down the dairy products and the meats of the animal and packed fried foods. Sugar, salt and the wheat flour are also very harmful.