Natural Cure For Yeast Infections – Three Homemade Remedies That Are Effective


Due to the awful nature of a yeast infection many people want quick and fast relief from the painful symptoms. This is why people will even use poisonous substances like boric acid. Use of such substances are not only dangerous but they only mask the symptoms for some time and do not provide cure for the infection.

However, there are some very effective homemade remedies that act really fast in relieving the symptoms of a yeast infection. In addition if the infection is diagnosed early enough these home made remedies are usually enough to cure the infection.

High on the list is yogurt. A healthy body contains large amounts of acidophilus, the good bacteria in the gut which keeps the yeast Candida albicans under control. However, due to some reasons like the use of antibiotics or stress this natural balance can disturbed and Candida overgrows causing a yeast infection. A Sugar free, plain, organic yogurt that contain live acidophilus cultures (read the container carefully) can provide the good bacteria that will then help in eliminating the excess candida in the gut. The yogurt can be eaten or drank to boost the bacterial levels in the gut. It can also be applied directly on the affected areas.

The second safe remedy is Garlic. Yeast is a fungus and garlic is a very strong natural anti fungal substance. It can be eaten raw, crushing and applying on the affected areas or wrapped in a cheese clothe and inserted into the vagina. Another way is to blend it together with a small amount of lime juice and some sea salt. The lime juice and the sea salt help to balance the body PH, reducing candida growth rate.

Another natural cure for yeast infection is the grape fruit extract. This is a very strong tasting substance but very effective. It is usually in a very concentrated form and need to be diluted before use. Once dilute you can drink it with plenty of water three times a day. Water also helps to flush out the yeast. you can also use the solution to clean the affected area. In addition you can add drops of the grape seed extract in the wash water to kill the yeast on the clothes when washing.

There are many cures for the yeast infection but the above three are usually the most effective if used immediately a yeast infection is suspected. They are also among the remedies that will not feed the yeast and make it multiply.

A recurring yeast infection is usually a sign of a serious imbalance in the body that needs immediate attention. It is important to get to the root cause of the infection for any natural yeast infection cure to be effective.