Natural Cure For Psoriasis – Become Psoriasis Free, The Natural Way!

The possibility of the existence of a natural cure for psoriasis is something that I have recently found myself having a vested interest in. Not having been a sufferer of psoriasis for most of my life, suddenly discovering outbreaks of the disease on my arms and legs led me to ask all manner of questions.

Of course, I did not even know what psoriasis really was until I started to suffer from it myself. I knew it was some kind of disease or ailment, but as it had never bothered me it had never occurred to me to learn more about it.

Even when I did first start to suffer from the disease, I did not know what it was. Seeing the strange rashes that appeared on my arms and legs, my initial assumption was an allergic reaction to something, or maybe eczema.

But, because my own diagnosis of the problem was way off the mark, so was the treatment I prescribed for myself. Some skin lotion and some antihistamines for allergy relief were never going to have any real effect, and when it was obvious they were not working, I eventually saw a doctor. That was when I found out I had psoriasis, and ultimately led me to seek out a natural cure for psoriasis.

I have never been the type of person to admit defeat easily, and accept that something simply can not be done without even trying. So, when the doctor told me that psoriasis can not be cured, my natural reaction was to decide I would prove otherwise.

I was actually only a few months away from going on vacation when I got diagnosed with psoriasis. That was one of the reasons I finally went to the doctor, in the hope I could get whatever it was cleared up in time for me to hit the beach!

Unfortunately, I was a long way from finding a natural cure for psoriasis by the time my vacation came around, and so I wound up on the beach with my arms and legs covered in psoriasis patches with people staring at me. What I found out while on vacation was though, that the psoriasis did ease up while I was there. It seems that in countries with a hot climate, cases of psoriasis are much lower.

Relocating to a more tropical place to live was not an option, unfortunately, but I did find that taking vitamin D supplements helped. Exposure to sunlight causes the skin to produce vitamin D, and so these supplements seemed to have the same effect as spending time in a warm climate. Whilst still not a guaranteed full on natural cure for psoriasis, I was still quite exited at the breakthrough. I had actually found something that made a difference, and so I was convinced I could beat the disease fully.

Doing some research online led me to all kinds of so called cures, some of which did have a slight effect on the condition of my skin, but non could ultimately cure it. I remember going through a phase of thinking turmeric was the answer, after reading it was an ancient ayurvedic natural cure for psoriasis.

I tried both internal and external applications of using turmeric. I would take turmeric herbal supplements, as well as adding turmeric powder to my food (sometimes much to the detriment of the taste). I also bought a cream made with turmeric powder, that I found in an Indian grocery store and had to travel to the other side of town to get. In the end, although I think I did see a minor improvement, turmeric and all the other remedies I read about turned out to be disappointing.

So fast forward a year or so, and I am now completely clear of psoriasis. How did I do it? Well, when the doctors' say there is no medical or natural cure for psoriasis, they are correct. When we talk about a 'cure', we tend to imagine a pill or some medicine we can take that will make the problem go away. That does not exist for psoriasis, but just because there is no single 'cure', does not mean the disease can not be cured.

So without a magic pill, what I found to be an effective natural cure for psoriasis was by taking a look at the bigger picture. Whatever you put inside your body can and does have an effect on its appearance on the outside, and so a persons diet can greatly effect how prone they are to psoriasis. Certain supplements can help too, because they help the body maintain a natural balance, which is so easy to lose in our modern way of life.

So, if you too have been told there is no natural cure for psoriasis, then I can tell you that is simply false. Finding the right balance of solutions that can work for you may take some time and experimentation, but when you finally find yourself free of psoriasis it will be worth it.