Natural Cure For Insomnia – Sleeping Pills Can Kill!

Alright, so taking 1 or 2 sleeping pills won’t kill you, per say. But, did you know that there have been limited scientific studies on the long-term effects of these so-called “sleeping” pills? It’s true. So although these pills may be considered safe for the moment, who really knows what they could do to our system after years and years of constant use. That being said, why take that risk? Why not just try a natural cure for insomnia and kick that nasty sleeping pill habit?

Try a Natural Cure For Insomnia Below…

1. Cloth With Herbal Oil: Simply add a few drops of your favorite herbal oil to a small cloth or handkerchief and slide it into/underneath your pillow. So long as the herbal oil has a sleep inducing aroma — like that of lavender, passionflower, valerian, etc. — it should do the trick.

2. Warm Milk: This is a time old remedy to induce sleep and get relaxed. What you may not have known though, is that this remedy actually works. Warm milk has calcium which will soothe jagged nerves in the body, allowing you to get relaxed far more easily before bed. In addition, milk also has small amounts of tryptophan and melatonin, both of which can help you to sleep.

3. Lights Off: You may not consider this a natural cure for insomnia, as it seems a little too simple, but nevertheless, it does in fact work. By turning off the lights, you are increasing your body’s melatonin production. Light sources cut off melatonin production, an important hormone that helps us sleep each night.

4. Herbal Candles or Incense: Pick up a few herbal candles (make sure they are candles that have a sleep inducing effect) and light them up. Once lit, please them near where you sleep so that the scent can easily find it’s way to you.

Quick note about herbal candles: There’s a lot of fear surrounding the idea of having candles or incense burning while sleeping. Although it can be a serious danger to have fire burning when you’re asleep, you can easily take precautions to ensure your safety.

5. Sound Therapy: This has got to be the simplest natural cure for insomnia around. All you do is put in the insomnia sleeptrack cd/tape and then get into bed. The sound waves from the track will make their way into your brain and quickly lull you to sleep within minutes. These sleeptrack CD’s can easily be acquired online through numerous insomnia remedy websites.

How Fast Do These Sleep Remedies Work?

Most of these natural insomnia remedies will begin working immediately, allowing you to get so sleep sooner rather than later. It’s safe to say that with using any of these remedies, you should be fast asleep in about 10-20 minutes, if even that.

Are These Remedies Really Better Than Sleeping Pills?

To be 100% honest, yes, they are better. Even if a sleeping pill can put you to sleep in 2 minutes, it’s not worth the possible long term effects that may come from regularly ingesting sleeping pills. With natural cures for insomnia, there are no side-effects or possible long term drawbacks. If anything at all, the regular use of a natural insomnia remedy will make you MORE prone to getting sound sleep EACH & EVERY night.

If you don’t think a natural cure for insomnia is the best choice for you, well, that’s your prerogative. As for the rest of us, I’m sure we won’t lose one wink of sleep over your poor decision.