Natural Cold Sore Prevention

Natural cold sore prevention is important because cold sores or fever blisters are a pain on the lips and outer edges of the mouth. Cold sores are usually caused by the herpes virus that has been lying dormant in your body. There are many reasons for this virus to trigger a cold sore. There is no cure for a cold sore. However, there are ways to reduce the severity and frequency of cold sores. It is believed that anything that compromises the immune system may trigger a cold sore.

So what are some of the ways of reducing the duration or severity of the cold sore? Studies in England have shown that many people who develop cold sores are low in vitamin B12. The same studies have shown that taking a vitamin B 12 tablet or a vitamin B complex tablet with folic acid will rapidly improve your condition.

Dr. Linus Pauling has established the fact that taking vitamin C tablets improves your immune system and helps prevent colds and cold sores.

Eating plain yogurt with live cultures in your daily diet is a good preventive measure. It has been shown that people who have added to get it to their daily diet have fewer or any cold sores.

Almost 25% of all cold sores appeared to be triggered by exposure to the sun. So one of the best ways to prevent a cold sore is to limit your exposure to the sun. Exposure can be limited by using a lip balm with an SPF of 15.

Studies have shown that sank when applied topically reduces adoration of cold sores and speeds its healing. Zinc tablets may be useful but uses these only under medical supervision.

Stress is well documented as a wave to compromise the immune system. So it is important when you have a cold sore or fever blister to follow some type of relaxation technique.

So to begin using natural cold sore prevention to reduce the severity and frequency of cold sores you should relax. You should take a B complex tablet with folic acid and a vitamin C tablet. You should eat yogurt. And you should use a lip balm with a 15 SPF.