Natural Cold Sore Cure Using Bleach

Cold sore cures are many and you will find that the internet is full of information on it. However, there are high chances that other remedies suggested on the net will not work on you and you will end up spending more time and energy before searching a remedy that works.

What you need is a remedy that works and works fast irrespective of your skin type etc.

Surely you do not have the time to go looking for a remedy and trying everything which comes your way if you are planning to attend a party that very night.

Bleach is then the answer to your problems; use bleach and get rid of that pestering problem now.

I would highly recommend using bleach for curing it and as a frequent sufferer of cold sores there is not one remedy that works like this.

However, that does not mean that you apply the bleach full on and in its raw stage. Never even try doing that because other than not curing your medical problem, it will burn through your skin leading to other skin problems.

There are certain procedures that you have to follow when you are using bleach cold sore cure.

At first, just when the itchiness starts, usually a premonition that you are going to have a cold sore, get a little bit of bleach in its full concentration. Also get boiled or distilled water, whichever is more available and take a Q-tip.

Now, dip this q-tip in the distilled or boiled water and then dip it in the bleach in its raw state. Now, you need to squeeze the Q-tip in a manner which will allow most of the liquid to run off leaving the tip just moist enough.

After all of this is done, rub the Q-tip along your cold sore and keep it there for some time.

Repeat this practise for three or four more times and you will get rid of your cold sore just like that. So, bleach is an effective cold sore cure.