Natural Cold Remedies For Children

Want to not only lessen symptoms of your child’s cold but also strengthen his immune system to prevent against future infections? Taking over the counter medications may be a quick fix by diminishing symptoms, but it won’t have any benefits in fortifying and building up your child’s immune system. Help keep his body healthy by giving him natural supplements, herbs, and other natural remedies to get rid of that cold. Take the natural approach to help strengthen your child on his way to wellness.

Why natural remedies?

It is especially important to use natural remedies for children who are sick with the cold. Children’s bodies are still developing, particularly their immune system, which with every illness still develops immunity against the millions of viruses that affect them. It is crucial that your child is not just using over-the-counter medications that will prevent his or her body from fighting off the infection. Because the common cold does not have a cure, the body needs time and the appropriate remedies to help strengthen it. Your child’s immune system is not fully developed and therefore is vulnerable; it needs all natural supplements to heal and build up immunity against future infections and viruses.

The remedies

Try out these immunity boosters and find the ones that best help rid of your child’s cold!


This is an herb native to North America that has anti-bacterial properties. It increases levels of a chemical which activates the immune system to increase defense mechanisms against viral and bacterial attacks. It also releases white blood cells to fight off the infection. You can eat the root, the juice of the herb, or prepare as a tea.


Garlic is a classic and ancient healer, used by cultures all over the world. It has incredible antibacterial properties to help rid the immune system of infection.


This is another well-known healing herb. Ginger contains a number of anti-viral components, and is also a pain reliever and antiseptic. It can be used to relieve sore throats and inflammation. Eat ginger raw, cook it in your food, or sip on a cup of steaming ginger tea.

Vitamin C

Keep your child eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies that have high amounts of vitamin C in order to boost your immune system and help your body fight off the infection.


This stimulates your immune system, offers antiseptic properties, and increases blood supply to the spleen. It is also helpful in fighting off and destroying fungus and bacteria.

Other natural cold remedies


Make sure your child is getting the amount of rest that he needs. If he isn’t getting enough rest, his body won’t have enough energy to fight off the illness.

Hot baths

A hot bath will produce steam, which is good for helping with nasal congestion and a sore throat.

Healthy foods

It is very important for your child to abstain from any kind of junk food while he is sick. In order to get the vitamins and minerals he needs to fight off the illness, he should be eating only healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Chicken noodle soup is a great option – the steam from this will also help with nasal congestion.


Make sure they blow their nose often, and prop their head up with a second pillow while lying down.

What to do next

While most common cold symptoms can be alleviated by natural remedies, there are some colds that are very resisitent and will require further medical attention. Make sure that if your child’s cold doesn’t go away quickly that you take him to the doctor.