Natural Chinese Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus Treatment

The toenail fungal infection is an infection that is caused by live fungi inside, on or around the nail. The nail could be of toe or finger, hands or legs. Fungus grows in dark and moist place and it loves wet atmosphere to live and to spread. The nail is a tough structure with tiny other structures surrounding it like nail-beds, cuticles etc. The nail is closely attached with the skin but then too, there is very micro-space in between them. The fungus finds this as a suitable location to live and to grow as after washing, those micro-spaces remain wet and moist. In addition, the nail protects fungus and it has now full freedom digesting your important structure around and inside the nails.

Many remedies are available for curing and preventing such fungal infection of the nails. Chinese medicines, too, have great role in treating such infections. Chinese medicines are known for their potency against various health ailments and they are in practice since centuries. Some of the Chinese home remedies like Citri reticulate, Atractylodis alba, Poria cocos, Cinnamomi, Alismatis, Poly Polus, Jujube, Glycyrrhiza and Magonolia officinalis etc have been used to treat various fungal infections including toenail fungus.

Chinese herbs, when used as a combination, make the product very effective against fungal infections of the toenails and fingernails. For instance, ‘Fungo Off’ named remedy that contains atractylodis, plantago, dictamnus, alisma, tribulus, kochia, scute, gypsum, phellodendron citrus viride, citrus peel, capilaris, poria, tokoro, and cicade moulting is highly potent against fungal infections. The remedy is not only effective against fungal infection, but it is also the best for yeast, tineas and other infection of the skins. Many local researches support this winning combination having better effects than any oral anti-fungal drug that might produce some side effects. The remedy is cheap and more effective as compared to any other source of treatment for toenail fungal infection.

Just like ‘Fungo off’ there are many other Chinese preparations used to treat various skin ailments including toenail fungal infection. Many people prefer using the ‘Fungo lotion’ that is another effective natural Chinese lotion that can kill fungus and hence, can stop its spreading beneath or around the nails. This wonderful lotion contains melia, dictamium, borel, and cnidium in vinegar -sugar solution. The solution creates an environment that is poisonous to the fungus and hence, it is killed effectively. One can apply this lotion minimum for five minutes onto the affected nail. The therapy can be enhanced and healing can be made much faster by applying the ‘Fungo Balm’, another great Chinese remedy. Fungo Balm contains gypsum, zinc oxide, sophora, kochiae and licorice. The preparation has been used in Chinese medicinal practice to treat various fungal infections including ringworm, athlete’s foot, tinea infections etc. The balm carries property of clearing the dampness of the body system and can boost immunity resulting into healing health ailments faster and safer.

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