Natural Bruise Remedy

Looking for a natural bruise remedy? You're not alone. Everyone on the planet has had a bruise at some point in their lifetime, there is no way to avoid them. I guess the only way one can avoid bruises is if you wrapped yourself in a foam or bubble wrap and walked around in that manner. When we were kids we did not care if we got a bruise, we maybe cried asked our mommy to kiss it and make it better then we went back outside to play again. As adults bruises may be a problem and they are not very flattering. If you are a woman and wear skirts to work do you really want a huge bruise on your leg showing? I doubt you do.

Some of the ways to get rid of a bruise the natural way are: Arnica. What is Arnica? It is a European plant for in the mountains that is a know remedy for healing bruises. If one applies this 3-4 times a day the bruise will heal much quicker. BUT research, research, and research before applying products like these and understand what ingredients are in them. A basic way to heal a bruise naturally is apply to ice to the bruised area, elevate the area if on a leg, apply a warm compress a few times a day.

Also remember bruises look much worse before they start to get better. Bruise treatment should start right away before the bruise begins to form, this will reduce how "ugly" it looks. Your body will react differently to methods of natural bruise remedies so try more then one if you must.