Natural Allergy Relief – Is it Possible?

A person suffering from allergies often becomes a harassed patient. For the sake of getting relief, he visits doctors who prescribe strong medicines to suppress symptoms, and even resorts to experimenting with various over-the-counter medications just to be rid of the nagging symptoms. However, there are times when none of these work, or work only temporarily. This leaves the patient wondering if any natural remedies would give him lasting relief and eventually help him get rid of his allergy.

The question foremost in a sufferer’s mind is whether there can be relief without medication-prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines. He cannot visualize a situation where there is no suffering and no medication either. He is pleasantly surprised to find natural alternatives, which are healthier and cheaper.

People prone to non-food allergies, can use food options as a way of seeking relief. That is, if the allergy is caused by dust mites, mold, mildew or tobacco smoke, relief is available in the form of foods and drinks that may stop your allergic reactions. These include having a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of one lime added to it, or eating one or two bananas everyday for at least a month, and also taking vegetable juices. These are believed to make the body resistant to allergies. However, this approach is not recommended for people who suffer from food allergies because, treating one set of allergies with specific foods might trigger off another kind of food allergy.

One more natural cure that can bring relief is vitamin B5. Vitamins are not medicinal supplements; they actually are not as they are contained in natural foods. Hence they are considered to be more natural in content than medicines. The intake of vitamin B5 has to be at least one tablet a day for a minimum of two or three months. It is only after this period that the benefits of this supplement will be seen.

It is generally believed that natural remedies would mean turning to natural resources for respite, like consuming natural foods, herbs and vitamins. Another natural option is to move away or keep a distance from trigger factors. This involves first finding the trigger factors, that is, which things lead to the allergy. Therefore, those prone to dust allergies can hire the services of a professional cleaning agency to clean up the house and remove all dust particles that might accumulate in carpets, corners or covered areas. Those suffering from allergy from mold and mildew must avoid areas where these are likely to be present, like the loft and basement.

Of all the allergies, food allergies are considered to be the most dangerous, even life threatening. Caution is the keyword for all those who suffer from food allergies. As in all other allergies, it is first important to know which are the food types that you are allergic to, and then be constantly on guard whenever you eat, to see that none of the foods on your plate, have any of the allergy provoking foods. It is also advisable to know what reactions take place, and in such eventuality that an allergy sets in, what must be done to undo the damage. This is especially important for people suffering from peanut allergy as they can go into shock and die within minutes of consuming even a minuscule quantity of nuts.

Allergies are bad and cause distress even due to ignorance. This can be resolved by collecting information on the internet about your specific allergy and also read books and journals that address the issue of allergy.