Nail Fungus – Your Nail is Under Attack

Fungal or fungus infections, as most people do not probably know, are diseases. Many healthy and able-bodied people, like you and me, suffer from fungal infections. Many fungal infections are mild affecting such areas as nails, skin, hair, and other superficial areas. These fungal infections clear up eventually.

Nail Fungus

A person with a defective or impaired immune system may suffer from the infection for a longer period than usual. Let us dwell on a particular area of fungal infection, the nails. This kind of fungal infection happens when one or more of your nails are infected by fungi. You may not know it but you may be already suffering from nail fungal infection right now. If you notice a white or yellow area under your toenail or fingernail then what you have may just be nail fungal infection.

The nail infection almost always digs deeper or may spread into your nail (mind you, the infection chooses any of your nail that it fancies). The spread of the disease will make your nail change its color, become thick and later on, form deteriorating edges. Your infected nails become painful and as such, are not beautiful to see due to the infection.

Your Nail Is Under Attack

Nail fungal infection begin to form on nails that are always or continuously exposed to humid environment. By this, we mean warm and moist. One part worth looking into or checking is your shoes. Why, you may ask? Are they comfortable and dry or do you have a mini spa inside your shoe?

Your nail fungal infection may not even be alone because athlete’s foot, although not the same, can also come from the same fungus. So you see, nail fungal infection is something worth looking into. This kind of infection is not easy to treat, but it is treatable. Infections may come and go and come back again. Fortunately, there are medications for this kind of infection.


Your nail fungal infection, assuming you have one, also has another name, onychomycosis. You can detect if one or more of your nails have fungal infection. When you look at your nails, ask yourself have my nails thickened? Are my nails brittle or ragged? Have you noticed any deformation? Or do you see any dark spots under your nail? Dirt caused by not cleaning your nails regularly does not count as fungal infection.

If ever one of your nails, whether it be your fingers or toes, become infected, it may or may not lift up from the nail bed. Pain may be felt and a foul odor, although, slight, may be present.

Basically, sunlight is not needed by fungi for it to propagate. The fungi responsible for the nail fungal infection are called dermatophytes. Since sunlight is not an important part of their life, these very small organisms can live in warm, moist or humid environments. Some common places are public showers and swimming pools. These microscopic fungi enter your skin, through cuts that you and I don’t even see or notice. They enter through your nails, if ever your nail has already lifted from your nail bed. But bear in mind, they only start to create problems if you nurture them by always exposing your nails to warmth and moisture.

By doing these, you just gave the fungi a very good place to start. In no time, the fungi will grow and spread throughout your nail.