Nail Fungus – Laser Treatment

Nail fungus has been reported in many of the ancient civilizations. The yellowing of the nails followed by brittle feel of the nail plates and later the disintegration into an ugly and tough but rugged nail was a concern for the high and might.

Though the cause of the rugged nails was not really known as being fungal infection, the treatments that were being used have remain to be effective to date. You can imagine some of the arguments that may have been presented by the wise men of Egypt or China. Must have been something like an unpleased god who would need the sacrifice of several cats!

Today you are lucky that you do not have to chance in life like they did. For conditions such as nail fungus, there is a specific potassium hydroxide test that can be administered to determine the presence of the fungal activity.

Nail fungus is caused by specific types of fungi. The most common are the candidas and dermatophyte. The presence of either of the fungi will be dependent on whether you are in the tropics or the temperate zone.

There are a host of remedies that have been used since time immemorial. This include the use of prescription medicine, over the counter medicines, herbal remedies and some homemade remedies such as vinegar.

Now comes the laser treatment. Laser simply means that the concentrated beam of light that has the ability to change the molecular structures. It works in eye surgery by correcting the eye lens and destroying the cataracts.

Laser is able destroy both the ‘roots’ of the nail fungus and also the cells membranes. It is also able to destroy the spore soft h any other fungi. By using the laser, one is able to irreversibly destroy the fungus growth.

In choosing the medical clinic or laboratory for the laser treatment, you need not pay for unnecessary costs. Any middle level hospital will be able to handle this treatment and therefore should not be very expensive. On average, one treatment session for a set of affected toenails would cost about $1,000.

The motivation for developing laser treatment of nail fungus is the resistance seen in the treatment of the fungus when using conventional medicines, both pills and cream. These other treatments have only been able to provide temporary treatment of relief.

Just like in all other treatments, the laser treatment is only sustainable with high hygiene standards being observed. Besides, the ultimate aim of health care is disease prevention. If you are really looking for complete cure from nail fungus, then you need to seek a laser treatment. It is the future treatment for most fungal infections.

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