Nail Fungus Laser Therapy – Does Laser Therapy Treat Nail Fungus Permanently?


Nail fungus is an infection that affects a lot of people these days. The fungal infection is found in more than 35 million Americans. Though the condition does not generally cause any pain, many people get frustrated over the infection as it discolors the nails and makes them unsightly.

The medical term used for nail fungus is Onychomycosis. Fungi belong to the dermatophytes group are said to be the cause of this infection. The infection occurs more commonly in men. Nails are a perfect habitat for the growth and development of fungi. While it is difficult for fungi to penetrate inside the nail, it is equally difficult to take it out once it has invaded.

Some common symptoms of the condition include thickness of your nails, nail discoloration and white spots. If you feel itchiness in your nails and the skin around the nail edges is peeling off, chances are you have got infected with fungus in your nails, and you should take it seriously.

Most of the above signs are ordinary abnormalities that can be tackled easily. However, if you don’t act instantly, the infection may get more serious and you will experience a lot of pain. At times, the toe nail gets separated from the nail bed. In these circumstances, it will be a good option to get rid of the infection with laser treatment.

Laser treatment is one of the latest methods used for treating fungal infection in nails effectively. The treatment was earlier offered for different problems relating to the eyes. Of late, laser has been used for treating a number of other complications that include fungal infection. The laser rays are directed towards the infected nail to destroy the fungi. The method is effective and the results are permanent. However, you must keep in mind that laser therapy is not the most affordable option, and it may cost you between $500 – $1,000 depending on your condition. The treatment method is said to be painless and is successful 90% of the times. Moreover, there are no side effects reported with this method. The number of sessions for the laser treatment will be decided depending on the severity of your condition. Your skin is not affected by this method at all.

If your condition is not so serious and you’re looking for more affordable options, you may employ a number of effective home remedies. These home remedies make use of substances such as tea tree oil, vinegar and some essential oils that are known for their anti-fungal properties and are applied directly over the infected nail.

Some over-the-counter products are also helpful in getting rid of the condition. However, with so many products to choose from, it will be difficult to buy the product that really works. Hence, it is better to do some research before making the purchase.

Nail Fungus Treatments are plenty, and most of them take time to work properly. There are many options out there, so simply learning about them will help you decide which solution is best for you. Solutions can range from at home remedies to medication, to even laser treatment. Here are the best Nail Fungus Treatments on the market.