Nail Fungus Cures – Home Remedy Tips


Experts say that nail fungus can be hard to cure, but really this is not true. The main reason many people have a hard time finding nail fungus cures is because they continue to be re-infected by the same fungus. Nail fungus will continue to be re introduced to the nail as long as the fungus remains where the nail is. By eliminating the cause of the fungus and using the right nail fungus cures you can have beautiful nails once again.

The mistake that many people make and doctors do not treat is the place where the nails are infected. Fungus thrives in an environment that is damp and warm. Once you have a nail fungus infection you must take measures to not only cure the infection but also prevent re-infection. You should eliminate the shoes that are worn which cause your feet to sweat. Sneaker are the main cause of a nail fungus infection. Nail fungus cures only work when the nails are protected from being re-infected. By replacing or treating the shoes, socks and even nail tools that you use you can not only cure the infection but prevent it’s return.

Nail fungus infections are usually found on the toe nails but can also be found in the finger nail beds as well. The infections in finger nail beds may be linked to the use of artificial nails and the tools used to perform manicures. These tools should be disinfected after each use. Finger nail fungus cures should also include the elimination of artificial nails. Artificial nails hold moisture in and do not allow the finger nails to breathe.

There are several nail fungus cures that you can preform at home without a doctors prescription. They have been found to be just as effective as a doctors prescription. The best nail fungus cures are those which use vinegar baths. Soaking the infected nails in a solution of vinegar and warm water will fill the fungus leaving the nails free of the spores that cause the discoloration, odor and hardening of the nails. This treatment should be continued long after the symptoms of the fungus has cleared up to insure that there will not be a flare up of the infection. The vinegar acts as an antiseptic which kills the fungus spores. Once the fungus spores have been killed it will take time for the affected nail to grow out. Once the nail has grown out you will be left with beautiful nails once again.

Oils have also been found to be effective nail fungus cures. The use of tea tree oil or oregano oils can also kill the fungus under the nails. These oils have anti fungal properties. They kill the fungus to leave the nail beautiful again. This treatment is more do able for many people who just don’t have the time to soak their nails for 30-60 minutes twice a day. You simple place a few drops of the oils onto the infected area of the nail. This treatment will also have to be continued long after the symptoms of the infection have left. This is also a treatment that takes longer for the fungus to be killed.

No matter what nail fungus cures you use it is vital to prevent the re-infection of the nails by eliminating the infection source. You should consider wearing open toe shoes when ever possible or go bare foot when possible to allow the nails to breathe. This will keep the nails clean and dry. By keeping the nails clean and dry the fungus is no longer in it’s preferred environment.