Nail Fungus – 9 Prevention Tips For Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is very difficult to get rid of. The fungus thrives underneath your nails so medications have a hard time penetrating it. It requires months of religiously applying treatments before it shows signs of clearing up. What's worse is that before you could even completely treat a diseased nail, the fungus has begun to spread to your other healthy nails. Recurrent infections could also occur. As such, prevention is the best way of dealing with nail fungus. Here are a few tips on how to prevent nail fungus:

(1) Trim your nails often and keep them clean. Do not cut your nails slanted. Trim them straight across. Do this when your nails are wet in order to prevent them from splitting and cracking. File the thick areas of your nails.

(2) Go to a reputable nail salon. A lot of nail salons follow strict regulations regarding sanitation and cleanliness, but some do not. It would be better for you to clean your own nails. However, if it's not possible for you to do so, you could choose to purchase your own cleaning tools, which you can bring to the salon for your personal use. Doing so would help your skin avoid contracting infection.

(3) Avoid using artificial nails. Using artificial nails to cover up your nail problems will only make them worse. Artificial nails do not necessarily cause nail problems, but they may aggravate existing nail problems, especially fungal infections. They can trap unwanted moisture, which is an excellent breeding ground for fungi. Moreover, the chemicals that are used to remove the bond between the artificial nails and the actual nails can cause cracks to the nails since they sap moisture. Fungi can then enter and reside within those cracks.

(4) Dry your hands and feet. Wipe them thoroughly after bathing, especially the areas between the fingers and toes.

(5) Use antifungal products, such as foot powder and spray. Sprinkle or spray your feet, as well as your shoes.

(6) Wear the right kind of socks. Use socks that keep your feet cool and fresh. Change them often if your feet are sweaty.

(7) Avoid tight, closed shoes that are made of synthetic materials. Closed shoes, especially those made with non-breathable materials, can cause heat and moisture to be trapped inside. This would make it an attractive environment in which fungi can manifest and thrive. Thus, you should wear shoes that are made of natural materials. Also, if possible, take off your shoes from time to time.

(8) Thoroughly wash your hands after treating an infected nail. Nail fungus can spread easily to your other healthy nails.

(9) Maintain a proper diet. Studies have proven that people with weak immune systems are the ones who are most likely to contract nail fungus. Boosting your immune system by eating the right food will aid in preventing and getting rid of nail fungus.

Incorporate probiotic-rich food into your diet, such as yogurt. Probiotics are naturally-occurring good bacteria in your body. Maintaining high levels of good bacteria will improve your immune system and counteract the growth of bad bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.