Nail Fungus – 3 Nail Fungus Myths

There are various myths and misleading information related to nail  fungus . In this article, I’m going to discuss about some myths regarding fungal growth in nails.

Myth 1: It is Impossible To Cure Nail  Fungus  Nail  Fungus  is caused by a  fungus  that belongs to a  fungus  group known as dermophytes. It is also caused by Yeasts and molds. These microorganisms are best suited to thrive in environments in which we expose ourselves. Example: bathrooms, swimming pools. These organisms can be killed by medications. But it doesn’t guarantee a permanent elimination. They will continue to regrow. They also have the ability to spread to other nails. This has led to a misconception that it’s not possible to cure toenail  fungus .

Myth 2: Nail  Fungus  can be cured quickly It is not possible to eliminate the  fungus  in a day or two no matter what medication you use. Drugs can cause rapid changes. These changes can be noticed in a week or two. But drugs come with a variety of dangerous side effects. All diseases take time to be cured. Fungal growth in nails also takes time to be cured. Depending on the extent of the fungal growth and the type of medication involved, we can judge the time taken to eradicate the toenail  fungus . Studies have shown that it takes at least one or two months to eradicate the toenail  fungus  completely.

Myth 3: Toenail  Fungus  is a result of poor hygiene Poor hygienic conditions do promote the growth of the  fungus  but it isn’t the main cause. Scrubbing and footbaths can help in cleaning the nails affected by the  fungus  but cannot eradicate the  fungus  completely. However there are certain solutions in the market available that contain a mixture of natural oils and chemicals that help in eradicating toenail  fungus .