Myths About Depression

There are a few myths about depression. There are different types of depression like refractory depression and bipolar depression etc. Let us see what are the common myths about different types of depression.

The basic myth about depression is that it will go away naturally. This is true in some cases. But in many cases depression needs to be treated in order to get rid of depression. It is a clinical disease that has to get medical attention.

Many of us think that depression is a part of the ageing process. This is also a myth. It is true that aged people are more subjected to depression due to many reasons. However depression can affect children even as young as 5 years old.

The next myth regarding depression is that it is a condition that cannot be treated. Many think that depression is incurable. This is also very wrong. The depressions symptoms can be very effectively treated and cured. There are proven medical and biological drugs to treat depression in addition to other techniques.

Many men boast that depression affects only women. This is true to a very small extend. The studies show that twice as many women are affected by depression compared to men. But this does not mean that men are free from depression completely. They also get depression symptoms when they are subjected to certain conditions.

The next myth is that children do not get depression at all. This is absolutely wrong. The statistics shoes that children are more prone to depression than men. Children with their adolescence heats are subjected to many conditions that can lead to depression like the fights between parents, pressures to studies and so on.