Myoma – What Every Woman Should Know

What is Myoma?

Myomas are non cancerous tumors that are commonly found in the uterus. It is a condition that affects almost 75% of women, especially women in their 30’s and 40’s.

Just last month, I was experiencing abdominal pains and headaches, so I decided to consult my doctor. The doctor did a couple of tests, CT scans, and found multiple cysts in my uterus. Hearing the word “tumor”, I got scared, because the condition was very new to me and my family. The doctor was kind enough to let me know the details. According to him, uterine tumors or myomas are completely normal in women after giving birth. They tend to grow during the reproductive years, due to the boost in estrogen levels. I calmed down knowing that these tumors are actually not cancerous.

There are different treatments for myoma, some doctors prescribe only medicines. In my case, the doctor recommended surgery because the tumors were causing discomfort and occasional pain. Personally, I prefer not to have surgery if there is an alternative. But anyway, I trust my doctor, so I went on to have Myomectomy. Prior to the surgery, I was required to eat healthy foods, and was not allowed to eat at least 8 hours before the operation. While the preparation was hard enough, the actual operation ran smoothly. I was given anesthesia and it was very quick. I did not feel a thing. I was always the weak type, but just after 2 days, I was able to get up and I felt a lot better, as if nothing happened. The operation was a total success and I thank my doctor for the excellent job.

I think that uterine tumors are very common to us women, and we must face it eventually. So if you think you have Myoma, please consult your doctor immediately. It is not really something you must be afraid of. Just remember to choose your doctor with care. Having a good doctor will ensure you a quick and smooth recovery.