My Top 10 Tips For Recovering From Depression and Anxiety

I suffered from depression badly for years, years of being stuck in a never ending nightmare. I was in psychiatric hospital three times between the ages of 23-29 for prolonged stays, and little did I think back then that I would make a recovery to the level that I have today.

These days I am in good form much more often than I am down. I also think that the quality of my happiness is very good when I am happy, which is most of the time. My depression symptoms are practically non-existent now, I am happy today and am very optimistic about the future, despite all of the gloom and doom in the media.

The following top 10 tips for recovering from depression are not theory – they have been hammered out on the anvil of experience, for me, who has been a chronic sufferer of severe depression and anxiety.

Will they work for you? I do not know, but my guess is “yes”.

Some people reading this may think “what an order, I can’t do this!”, well all that I will say is that if you WANT to recover, and you really have to WANT it, you need to become an opposite, you need to slowly change the way that you live and also very importantly the way that you relate to yourself.

1. If you drink too much or use drugs and it is making you depressed or anxious (or covering up your depression) and cannot stop then go to Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, and most importantly, don’t judge it on the first few meetings. This is a vitally important piece of advice. This fellowship is an amazing gift that has been given to me. Make lots of friends there. Over time watch your anxiety and depression evaporate into thin air.

2. Use Udo’s Choice vegetable oils (as directed) or a quality Fish Oil supplement (2 grams a day) – this will help to repair your brain, and help to heal your body in all aspects.

3. Consider becoming a vegetarian or vegan – Eat lots of grains, legumes, pulses, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Eating meat and dairy products is very bad for you. A vegetarian or vegan diet will help you recover much more than you think. You’ll also be slimmer, feel more energetic and will be much less at risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke.

4. Drink LOTS of mineral water. You cannot heal or live healthily without consuming lots of pure water.

5. Exercise – Take a walk regularly, in the countryside if you can. This will lift your spirits immensely.

6. Quit caffeine – that means coffee and tea and cola drinks if you drink them – caffeine has a very pronounced effect on all anxiety and depressive illnesses, there are too many negative effects to list here. Research it for yourself – just Google “caffeine negative effects” and you’ll see what I mean.

7. Do this one thing and it will MASSIVELY aid your recovery – I cannot stress this enough – Look into the mirror once per day, look into your own eyes, and repeat three times “I love and respect you ___________ exactly as you are” (replace ___________ with your own first name). Most people will see a positive result within a day or two, and over the longer term, this will have a HUGE impact on your self-esteem, confidence and your overall mood.

8. If you are into reading, which I am, then instead of reading “how to get better from depression” books, read Osho and Eckhart Tolle instead. Their teachings are very powerful. And they have loads of audio programs also.

9. See your doctor regularly – those who do have a much better chance of a full recovery.

10. Get an Alpha Stim SCS – this will “wake up” your brain from its foggy slumber. It will re-balance your brain chemistry. Use it lots at the start (the first few weeks) and thereafter every day or every second day.