My Kitchen Tips


To clean cast iron pans, never use detergent. Just use table salt with a dry paper towel.

To store bananas, separate and store separately also, this will keep them fresher longer.

To clean your hands after chopping an onion, rub them on the back of a stainless steel serving spoon.

The substance in an onion which brings tears to your eyes is located conically around the root. Cut this out first to eliminate those tears.

Taking off the top layer of an onion will reduce tear up.

If you over-salt soups or stews, peel a potato and drop it in to absorb salt. Throw the potato away.

Fresh coffee beans can help remove cooking odors from hands.

To test eggs for freshness, fill a sauce pan with 4 inches of water and submerse your eggs. The ones at the bottom are the freshest. If they float, they are old.

Adding a pinch of salt to boiling eggs helps prevent them from cracking.

To remove splinters from under a finger nail, apply a piece of tape to your finger and rip it away, with the splinter.

When not using empty storage containers, drop a pinch of salt in them to keep them smelling fresh.

To use burned rice, place a piece of bread on the rice for 10 minutes to draw away the burnt smell. Discard the bread.

When working with hot peppers, rub your hands with vegetable oil first to keep out those hot pesky oils from the peppers.

Do not store fruits or tomatoes in the refrigerator. The cooler temperatures robs the fruits of aroma.

Ants invading the kitchen in your house, back track the ants to the entrance of where they come in your house and cover the hole with Vaseline.

To make popcorn fluffier, soak in water for 10 minutes.

Putting an apple in a bag of potatoes keeps them from budding the big snarly seeds.

Getting calcium build-up in your tea kettle? Add half a cup of white vinegar to half a cup of water and boil.

Freeze left over wine into ice cubes.

To make aluminum pots and pans shine, try boiling some apple peels in water.

Corners and crevices in vases can be cleaned by filling with water and using 2 Alka-seltzers.

Use toothpaste to clean silver.

Cut yourself while cooking? Let the bleeding stop and paint the area with clear nail polish.

Use any old water used during boiling to water house plants. Of course, cool it first.

To defrost meat faster, pour vinegar over it. It also tenderizes the meat.

If you get burnt in the kitchen, apply mustard for a little while to minimize the sting.

To keep bread from going stale, open the bag, insert a fresh stalk of celery and reclose the bag.

If you have too much fat or grease in that soup or stew, drop an ice cube in to coagulate the fat and spoon out.

Water will freeze faster if boiled first.

When 2 drinking glasses get stuck together, place the outer one in warm water and drop ice cubes into the inner one.

To keep the refrigerator fresh, place an open box of baking soda in.

Old wooden drawers without the new runner systems can be made to pull easier by rubbing the sides and bottom with a candle.

Put some crumpled tissue paper in the bottom of the cookie jar to keep cookies from going stale.