My Fibroid Tumor Natural Remedy – Shrink Fibroids Naturally

I began searching for a fibroid tumor natural remedy a couple of years ago as I had been suffering from the most terrible symptoms for some months. My stomach had the appearance of a seven month pregnancy and I was constantly exhausted due to anemia. Even walking up the stairs made me breathless.

Many people said I looked ill. I knew for sure I was out of condition but naively did not realize that all this was due to fibroids. My doctor referred me to a specialist and I thought it was just a case of taking some pills to cure my fibroids or, at worst, having a small operation to remove them. Little did I know at that time that it wasn’t quite so straightforward!

I had a large group of fibroids, some of which were the size of oranges and one was even as big as a small melon. I was told that although many women are advised to simply leave their fibroids alone until the menopause when they will naturally shrink, this wasn’t a good option for me due to the symptoms they were causing.

At the time I asked if there was a fibroid tumor natural remedy but this was dismissed. I was told that I would start hormonal treatment in about 6 weeks which was to last 3 months and was scheduled for a hysterectomy 3 months after that. I was really worried about taking the hormones as I was given a list of side effects which were really quite scary, including osteoporosis, thinning vaginal skin, vaginal dryness and facial wrinkles.

I decided I wanted to avoid taking these if at all possible yet I knew I needed to shrink the fibroids to make the hysterectomy less of a risk.

I started scouring the internet for information about fibroids and the different types of treatment available and learned that fibroids are generally caused by a combination of factors which interacted, causing fibroid growth. This is one of the reasons why they are difficult to treat. Certain conditions can make a woman more likely to have fibroids, but there is no one definite factor. It therefore follows that any successful treatment must use a multi-faceted approach.

The fibroid tumor natural remedy which I used concentrated on the management of estrogen in the body. I managed to lose weight by following a healthy diet, which naturally made estrogen levels reduce as the body’s fat cells are a secondary source of estrogen manufacture. Also, within this diet, I focused on dramatically reducing my intake of other pollutants, from pesticides and meats from sources where the animals may have been treated with hormones. I did this by eating nearly all organic foods. I also concentrated on eating natural anti-inflammatory foods such as oats and rosemary and the spice, cumin, as these are thought to help fibroids shrink in women who are prone to inflammatory conditions.

I also underwent a liver detox, which is a common method use in most strategies to shrink fibroids naturally. Very often, estrogen mimicking compounds are stored in the liver and are difficult for the body to eliminate naturally.

Exercise was also an important part of my strategy, as improving the circulation can help to improve the blood supply to the uterus which can help when trying to reduce fibroids.

If you have fibroids and are considering surgery, you may wish to try a natural remedy to shrink fibroids first. As fibroids are very rarely dangerous or life threatening, it is certainly worth trying this approach first. The vast majority of women who use natural treatments to shrink fibroids are delighted with the results.

I found a fibroid tumor natural remedy which worked very successfully for me. I must admit, the fact that it came with a full guarantee helped with my decision to try it as I figured that anyone offering such a comprehensive guarantee must have been pretty sure of its effectiveness!

In my case, I noticed a difference in my symptoms within a few short days and my stomach size had noticeably reduced within a couple of months. I had a scan after a couple of months and the largest fibroid had reduced considerably and the others were certainly smaller than they had been. Another two months into my treatment and another scan revealed that some smaller fibroids had disappeared and although the largest one was still there, it was much smaller that at the last scan.