My Experiments With Stammering


I have been a stammerer since childhood and have done numerous interesting studies and experiments to conquer it. I think now I am at a stage where I can share my findings. My aim would be to compile my study as a book sometime in future, but I don’t have that much efforts to spare now and so I would be jotting the key points in this article.

Disclaimer: The statements below are based on my study, and may not be universal truth. It may not hold true for others as expected. Under no circumstances would I be responsible for any damage caused to anyone based on these statements.

Stammering or stuttering is not the malfunction or imbalance of a single or a couple of organs of the body. Don’t ever think that you can cure stammering if you speak with a wider mouth or by taking controlled breath etc. etc..

Neither is stammering a psychological disorder which can be controlled by training the mind to behave in a certain way. Don’t think that if you can control your emotions, you can cure your stammering.

Stammering is basically a holistic imbalance of health (body and mind). It needs holistic treatment. For improving myself and acquire effortless and enjoyable speech free of stammering, I tried the following:

Homeopathy: Homeopathy has great power but is equally dangerous if not administered accurately. I learned homeopathy to a great extent and experimented with myself a lot. I know it had contributed to my cure ultimately. Would recommend only if you consult a real homeopathy guru who gives your case enough time.

Physiotherapy: It is a high priority to balance our outer body. I would highly recommend everybody to meet an experienced physiotherapist and get your body checked for weaknesses. Do sincerely the exercises he or she teaches.

Food habits: I converted myself to vegetarian and I think it helped.

Alcohol / Nicotine: I left all these and I think it helped in the long run. Although cigarette seemed to smoothen the voice temporarily, but it worsens stammering in the long run.

Swimming: Helped initially but did not help in the long run.

Morning walk / Jugging: Helps a lot! One of the prime recommendations.

Spirituality: Inevitable. I read and practice the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The two books – the “Power of Now” and “Stillness Speaks” help me to understand the reality in the real perspective. I have crisply narrated my views of spirituality in my free eBook “True Fundamentals of Life.” Highly recommend to all.

Bach Flower Remedies:Helped a long way! I probed a number of Bach Flower remedies on myself and found these highly effective. But again, you have to try probing almost all and observe he effects on yourself.

Learner’s Attitude: I have marked that whenever I start feeling that I have completely conquered stammering, it attacks back. So, always having a learner’s attitude is important.

I think an experiment on self using the tips above can cure oneself. I will recommend to start from Bach Flowers and morning walk. Some alternative treatments like acupuncture can also be tried but I have not yet tried those.